Atari 400, la storica console di videogiochi è di nuovo disponibile in versione mini thumbnail

Atari 400, the historic video game console is again available in a mini version

PLAIONthe world's leading video game publisher and developer, e Retro Games Ltd.a leading manufacturer of reimagined home computers, are proud to announce the launch of THE400 Minia modern mini-reconstruction of the pioneering Atari 400 home computer from 1979.

Atari 400 returns in mini format

To celebrate the launch, there's something rather special hiding in the internal components of this sparkling tribute to one of Atari's greatest hits. Although the two companies involved in the creation of THE400 Mini don't want to reveal too much, it's possible that this mini system contains something more than the 25 games previously announced.

Technical information relating to the Atari 400

“Over the last three months we've had a lot of fun telling our fans about everything THE400 Mini has to offer. If you have been following the story carefully, you will already know everything about the 25 pre-installed games, the HDMI and USB compatibility and the fact that we love retro and want to preserve the history of video games.

Our mini replica has been lovingly crafted to emulate the classic 1979 design and will look great on gamers' desks, offering the opportunity for a super escape from the daily grind. And if they look good enough, retro gamers will be rewarded with an extra special Easter Egg,” he said Paul Andrews, Managing Director di Retro Games Ltd.

THE400 Mini Atari 400THE400 Mini Atari 400

Atari 400 mini is a faithful replica

No compromise has been made on the iconic look of the original Atari 400: THE400 Mini is a faithful replica, albeit 50% smaller in size than the original. Cherished memories of the past must be treated with respect, care and attentionso that players can remember who they were when pixels ruled the world.

Furthermore, the spread of games in digital format is making it harder for collectors to physically own their favorite items, and it's these players who want to take advantage of limited editions like THE400 Mini.

For retro enthusiasts who want to purchase the console today before the limited supplies run out, you will be pleased to know that in addition to the pre-installed software, players can also load their games via a USB pendrive.

Price and availability

THE400 Mini is available immediately at selected retailers at the price of €119,99.

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