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MIR 2024, the doors of the show are about to open • techgameworld.com

Just a few more hours and one of the most anticipated events in the world of music and live events will begin again. We are talking about MIR – Live Entertainment Expoevent organized by Italian Exhibition Group to bring together the entire live entertainment industry in Rimini again in 2024, with the most important players in the field of Light, Sound, Visual, Integrated System & Broadcast.

MIR 2024, three areas, six pavilions, all the live entertainment you need

As always, the attention that the event dedicates to the whole sector not only of live music, but also of DJingwith an area entirely dedicated to this world, called ME Club. Here all the best technologies in the field will find space, to be discovered both in the exhibition areas, but above all in the Arena Club where we can see them in action.

They won't be missing then great guests from this world ready to bring their own contribution and experience. From producers to club owners, to disc jockeys, to radio or record label managers, there will be a great coming and going of key personality with which to discuss the current state of the art.

From this point of view, the panel on Sunday 7 April is absolutely unmissable and will see the presence of key names such as Joe T. Vannelli, Dario Usuelli, Ale Lippi, Giuliano Saglia, Big Fish and finally Albertinoone of the most significant and historic names in this field.

RIMINI 3/04/2023.  mir 2024 all event details riminiRIMINI IEGEXPO MIR 2023 FAIR.RIMINI 3/04/2023.  mir 2024 all event details riminiRIMINI IEGEXPO MIR 2023 FAIR.

The now traditional area will not be missing Live You Playdefinitive and unique by MIR which will also return in 2024. It is a pavilion revisited as a stage and concert area, to see all the main equipment present at the event. Lights, audio systems, visual effects… We can discover everything we need in the field here.

And then a great return for them too Immersive Room, which offer a truly special experience. This is an opportunity to try immersive audio demonstrations, in a real context fascinating. If you pass by MIR 2024, don't miss them.

But above all it is the triumph of technology

RIMINI 3/04/2023.  RIMINI mir 2024 all event details riminiFIERA IEGEXPO MIR 2023.RIMINI 3/04/2023.  RIMINI mir 2024 all event details riminiFIERA IEGEXPO MIR 2023.

The area will then take center stage MIR Tech where we can truly explore all the extraordinary offerings of the live entertainment sector as a whole. Everything worth knowing from the audio, video, lighting, education, retail, IT, hospitality sectors and much, much, much more.

For example, there will be the System Integration AVC area which will showcase all the latest trends in space design for immersive solutions in the workplace or education sector. Or even everything related to the light design, to be explored both in dedicated panels and in show exhibitions in the aforementioned Live You Play area. And for young enthusiasts of this field, unmissable The LightWalker Contesta project aimed specifically at under 30s who want to become lighting designers.

Speaking of big events, mark the panel in your diary for Sunday 7 April Show History ‘POOH – AMICI X SEMPRE | LIVE 2023’. A unique opportunity to deal with Sebastiano Piccione, Francesco De Cave e Ricky Carioti, Production Director, Show & Lighting Designer and Sound Engineer respectively of the great Italian band's highly celebrated reunion tour last year. An extraordinary event to be rediscovered, but above all to investigate all the mechanisms.

MIR 2024, the appointment is in Rimini for this weekend

RIMINI 3/04/2023.  mir 2024 all event details rimini RIMINI IEGEXPO MIR 2023 FAIR.RIMINI 3/04/2023.  mir 2024 all event details rimini RIMINI IEGEXPO MIR 2023 FAIR.

At this point the only information left to give is the space-time coordinates. MIR 2024 will be held as always at Rimini Fair this weekend, April 7-9. If you are curious to find out more and have other details, you can visit the official website of the event. We see them!

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