Atari: turning PC and premium console?

Who hasn’t heard of Atari? Between good and evil it made the history of the videogame industry and now it seems that it is moving towards PC titles and premium consoles

Atari versus PC and premium console? As absurd as it may seem, the American company seems to want to move in this direction according to its latest statements. Just shortly after the release of his latest VCS, for now in the United States and soon in Europe, the historic brand changes the cards on the table. Let’s see how!

Atari: PC and premium console instead of mobile and free to play

As recently stated in various interviews, Atari mainly invested in titles for mobile and free – to – play, but it turned out not to be a winning choice as much as a “Fallback” on PC and premium consoles seems like the only way to save goat and bit. According to the words of the new CEO Wade J. Rosen, this change was inevitable since thecurrent gaming landscape, increasingly focused on marketing and competition, little fits with the philosophy of free – to – play.

Our intent with every gaming experience is to provide accessibility to meaningful and joyful gaming moments, this is the core of Atari and what binds our story to our future. To this end, we believe premium gaming best represents this type of gaming experience and Atari’s DNA

Atari: turning PC and premium console?

This change of course should begin to show before theApril 2022, but in the meantime the company has already stated that it expects one loss of at least six million dollars. While the various free games continue to move forward, other classics such as Roller Coaster Tycoon Stories, Tank Fury or Ninja Golf, will come closed or sold.

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