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Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

In this guide we will tell you about the best weapons to use on Atomic Heart to be able to effectively defeat your enemies

Atomic Heart, the new title of Mundfish e Focus Interactive, it’s a very challenging game indeed. The robots haunting the 3826 compound are really dangerous and to defeat them you must use the right weapons. In the game, however, there are really many different equipment and some players may have difficulty figuring out which ones are the most effective right away. For this reason we have therefore decided to write this guide, where we will briefly talk about the best weapons for use in Atomic Heart.

Equipment and Upgrades – Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

In this guide we will not just tell you about the best Atomic Heart weapons, but we will also focus on them upgrades. This is because many of the equipment that you will find during your game initially will not be very good but, with the right improvements, they can turn into real killing machines.

But remember that not all upgrades will be available immediately and to unlock the more advanced ones you’ll need to find their blueprints first. Fortunately, in many cases, it will be enough to select an improvement within Nora to immediately see the point on the map where you can find it.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

KS-23 – Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

The KS-23 is one of the first weapons you’ll find in the game and surprisingly it’s also one of the most effective. This Shotgun in fact it is devastating over short distances and will allow you to eliminate even the most resistant robots in just a few shots.

This weapon however suffers from one major problem and that is a small magazine. In fact, initially you can only load three shots at a time, making clashes with multiple enemies extremely complex. For this reason we suggest you unlock the increased magazine as quickly as possibleto solve this serious problem. In addition, we recommend that you also install the muzzle brakean upgrade that will increase both the damage and rate of fire of the KS-23.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Pashtet – Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Obviously firearms are very important but, in order not to risk running out of bullets, it is important not to neglect melee weapons as well. There are a number of weapons suitable for melee combat in Atomic Heart, but in our opinion the most effective is Pashtet.

This saber indeed boasts a good balance between damage and handling which will allow you to use it comfortably on a large number of occasions. Plus it is also easy to get in the early stages of the game ed takes up little space in your inventory. Pashtet is already a very strong weapon, but to make it even more effective we suggest you install the upgrades steel blade and ergonomic handle.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Dominator – Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Now let’s move on to energy weapons with the Dominator. This lethal energy rifle it’s completely automatic and will allow you to destroy even the most resistant robots with a well-aimed burst. It also owns a secondary focus capable of generating a violent explosionperfect for decimating entire groups of enemies with one hit.

All these characteristics would be enough to make the Dominator the most powerful weapon in the game, if only using it didn’t empty your energy reserves in seconds. To mitigate this problem we therefore suggest that you unblock the vector transducer and upgrade it to the maximum level as soon as possible.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Kalash – Atomic Heart: the best weapons to use

Now it’s time to talk about a weapon that all shooter fans will love for sure: the Kalash. This variant of the kalashnikov it adapts perfectly to any situation and thanks to its fire automatic it’s perfect for taking on multiple enemies. To make the Kalash truly lethal, however, it is also important to unlock the muzzle brake, thus increasing damage, rate of fire and accuracy. In addition, we also suggest that you take one as soon as possible expanded magazine it’s a collimatoreso as to make the weapon even more effective.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

PM- Atomic Heart: the best weapons to use

Finally, we conclude our list of the best Atomic Heart weapons with the PM, a pistol as useful as it is underrated. This Makarov initially it will be quite weak but, once you have upgraded her properly, you will never be separated from her again.

By installing the muzzle brake and the increased magazine in fact, you can turn this weak gun into a tool perfect for taking out single targets with a few well-placed shots, thus allowing you to save ammo for the main weapons. Also if you want you can also aim to install a electromagnetic polarizerdoing increased damage to all bots.

Atomic Heart: The best weapons to use

Ready for the massacre

Here ends our guide on the best Atomic Heart weapons. Now all you have to do is unlock the right upgrades and run to slaughter all the robots that will try to get between you and your goal. Our article ends here but, if you are interested in learning more about Atomic Heart, we invite you to take a look at our website for many other dedicated guides.

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