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Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

In this dedicated article we are going to find out where we can see Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama’s masterpiece animated series which ended just last year

One of the most successful animated series of last year, or perhaps it would be better to say ever, is definitely Attack on Titan. It ended, with two long end-of-season specials, in November 2023, arousing different and varied emotions in fans, from displeasure to bitterness at the end of an epochal story that changed the medium, to the awareness that… well , at least we saw an end to it. And considering the current times. If you want some general information on the series, we talked about it in a dedicated episode of Anime Breakfast, you can find it by clicking here. In this article we deal with something different… where can you watch Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

Netflix | Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

If you need a guide, you will understand that it is not exactly easy to understand where you can see Attack on Titan. This is because, in reality, different streaming platforms they acquired the rights, but only for some series. This is the case of Netflix, for example, which makes available the fourth and final season, the two summary films of the first season “The Crimson Bow and the Arrow” and “The Shawshank Redemption” and the summary of the second season, entitled “The awakening cry“. Find all the links listed below:

Netflix subscriptions

Obviously, Netflix is ​​a subscription streaming service, and you will therefore have to pay a monthly fee to watch Attack on Titan on this platform. Below the plans with their costs currently available:

  • Standard with advertising – €5.49/month
  • Standard (maximum two devices) – €12.99/month
  • Premium – 17.99€/mese

Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

Crunchyroll | Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

Moving instead of streaming platform, let’s move on to Crunchyroll. In this case, you will have all the complete seasons of Attack on Titan available with the exception of the first. The reason? We do not know. The OADs and the two final movies of the fourth season are also available (obviously, being the final episodes). Below you will find the direct link to the anime page on Crunchyroll, from which you can select which season to start watching:

Crunchyroll subscriptions

As far as Crunchyroll is concerned, the service delivers 14 day free trial of the Premium Version. You can also watch any non-simulcast series for free (those are only available to paying users), as long as you can stomach the ads. The paid plans are as follows:

  • From – 4.99€/month
  • Megafan – €5.99/month

Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

Amazon Prime Video | Attack on Titan: where to see the phenomenon series!

Finally, if you want to know where you can watch Attack on Titan on a single platform, we can safely tell you that luckily there is Amazon Prime Video in this chaos. All four seasons and three summary films are available on this platform (but only for rental or purchase), only the OADs are missing which are not strictly indispensable for an overall vision, but which you can still easily recover in the free version on Crunchyroll. Below are all the links that can help you get to the content you want:

Amazon Prime Video subscriptions

Amazon Prime Video allows you to use the service for free for a 30 day trial period. Subsequently, the monthly cost of the subscription will be €4.99/month. Amazon Prime Video is free for all Prime members.

Good vision!

This long odyssey ends here. These were all the legal platforms where you could watch Isayama’s Attack on Titan. Let us know what you think of Isayama’s series below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the world of cinema and TV series! And soon, most likely, a review of the fourth season will also arrive. Late, but always from the heart.

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