Where to watch all seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy

In this guide, we will discover together on which streaming platform you can watch the seven seasons of the Sons Of Anarchy series

Sons Of Anarchy is one American television series, created by Kurt Sutter and broadcast by FX from 2008 to 2014. The series has a total of seven seasons. The plot takes place in Cherming, a fictional town in California. That's where the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club is located, a motorcycle club dedicated to various illegal activities, especially arms trafficking thanks to its connection with the IRA. It is a club that has various affiliates in different US states and was founded in the sixties by nine comrades from the Vietnam War. The young man Jackson Teller, known as Jax, is preparing to take over as club leader, until he finds his father's diary, which contains disturbing clues about his death. In the meantime, Tara Knowles, a doctor who in her youth had been Jax's girlfriend, returns to town, with whom love blossoms again.

Because Sons Of Anarchy is a series worth seeing

Sons Of Anarchy is a series that has managed to capture thousands of viewers around the world thanks to its gripping plot, complex characters, iconic moments and one of the best endings in television history. The series manages to delve into moral dilemmas, strained alliances and power struggles typical of the world of motorcycle clubs. The protagonist finds himself having to balance his family responsibilities with his moral conscience. Sons Of Anarchy proves its own complex and at times even daring narrative addressing universal themes such as loyalty, revenge, redemption and the search for a sense of belonging. Social and political issues are also addressed. Indeed, it is the corruption of the system was highlighted and the consequences of this on individual choices. The characters are complex and well developed, the series manages to balance moments of action, tension, emotion and reflection. It's about an extraordinary series full of emotions, which manages to involve the public in a very intense way. Ultimately, Sons Of Anarchy is a series that doesn't just entertain, but pushes viewers to explore the complexities of life and human nature.

Where to watch all seven seasons of Sons Of AnarchyWhere to watch all seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy

All seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy available on Disney+

But on which platform is it possible to watch this series so full of emotions? Land seven seasons of Sons Of Anarchy are available on Disney+. The streaming platform from the house of Mickey Mouse is enriched every day with different titles even if far from its typical style.

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