Audi and Ken Block, an electric partnership

Audi e Ken Block, una partnership elettrica thumbnail

A partnership with a very high adrenaline rate: Audi and Ken Block will work together, with the task of launching projects within the electric mobility. The American driver finds the electric world fascinating, after years of racing in rallies and rallycrosses. And Audi is the right partner to relaunch its passion for green engines.

Audi and Ken Block, together for electric mobility

The 53-year-old American driver challenged the laws of physics behind the wheel of several cars. But Audi for him is a backfire. “Audi is the brand that ignited my passion for motorsport. I am excited to start this new chapter. Together we will develop innovative projects and shake up electric mobility “.

Block was just a teenager when Audi revolutionized the rallying world, with Walter Rohrl winning Pikes Peak on the Sport quattro S1. On his first visit to the House of the four rings, he was able to test that car, the V8 quattro DTM of the nineties and even the futuristic Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo with 815 hp, the most powerful car ever made by the brand. For Block, he has “a low center of gravity, a burning acceleration and immediate reactions”.

Ken Block has already made his “transition to electric”, despite many years of driving on petrol. He recorded the third time in the last special stage of the Dakar 2020. And then he drove the prototype Extreme E conquering the inaugural stage of the Project E a Holjes, in Svezia.

“Electric mobility is the future. I see the electric car as a step forward for the whole of society. A concrete way to reduce emissions and make the planet a better place. In addition, I love everything that allows me to go faster. Electric is the key to the performance of the future. Many people ask me if you don’t regret the sound of heat engines. I always reply that I have children who are not interested in this aspect in the least. For them, the hiss of an electron car is as fascinating as the roar of a V8. Times changeno”.

We just have to find out which projects the pilot and the manufacturer will launch together. But they sure will be thrilling.