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Audi in the Formula 1 World Championship starting in 2026

Audi will enter the World from Formula 1 as a powertrain supplier, a starting in 2026. The choice also comes due to the decisions on power unit for the World Cup, with the German brand that thinks it has the right cards to provide power and quality.

Audi enters Formula 1, will supply the power units from 2026

Today’s announcement by the chairman of the board of Audi AG Markus Duesmann and the board member for technical development Oliver Hoffmann has enormous importance for the automotive world. Audi will supply the engines for Formula 1, a competition that symbolizes speed and power in the world.

In front of the F1 president Stefano Domenicali and to the president of the FIA Mohammed Ben Sulayemthe company also unveiled a single-seater model to celebrate entry into the competition.

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A decision that also comes on the basis of what was decided by F1 for the Power Unit starting in 2026. The thrusters will retain the engine architecture a 6-cylinder combustion. But they will have more electrical power and will only use sustainable fuels.

Sundays says: “I am delighted to welcome Audi to Formula 1. An iconic brand, pioneer and technological innovator. This is an important moment for our sport which highlights the tremendous strength we have as a global platform that continues to grow. This entry is also a great recognition that our transition to the Sustainably Powered Hybrid Engines in 2026 it will be a future solution for the automotive sector. We can’t wait to see the Audi logo on the grille ”.

Duesmann explains: “Audi has already been successful in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, DTM, Formula E and other categories. We want to continue this success story now in Formula 1 e we think this is the perfect time to get into F1given the new rules that have been approved “.

By the end of the year, we will need to know which team the brand will line up with. It seems that Sauber is in contention, but the curiosity of the fans remains very high. We will keep you updated about it.

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