Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

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Sooner or later the moment had to arrive: Audi TT leaves the scene after 26 years of honored career in the high-end spider-coupé segment. This time, however, it will not be replaced by a new model, leaving a void that, at least for enthusiasts, will be felt.

The Audi TT is a car that has always divided opinions: his very personal aesthetic has a decidedly large crowd of admirers but also several detractors. Whatever one thinks about it, it is a model that at the time of its release, way back in 1998, brought a breath of fresh air in a segment that was still alive and thriving: that of sports spider-coupe. Cars born to give fun and unique sensations to those who had the courage to sacrifice at least a little practicality in favor of an unforgettable driving experience.

Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

At its debut the Audi TT was more like a concept car than to a production car and this feature has certainly facilitated the appreciation by the public. The aesthetic references to the Avus Quattro concept are evident, as much as the quotes of some details of the old Auto Union / DKW production. The soft and round lines fit well into the stylistic panorama of the late 90s, a period in which the taste for more sinuous shapes and at times even vintage. A first-rate mechanical sector could only be the icing on the cake, helping to increase the appeal of a car that is already one of a kind.

Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

Audi Avus Quattro concept (1991), a precious source of inspiration for the designers of the Audi TT.

Audi TT: first-class style and technology

The Audi, having sold well 662,762 specimens of TT, has decided to put an end to the career of this model. The announcement has arrived through social mediawith related images of the last example produced on the assembly line of Györ plant (Hungary). The Audi TT has come through to this day three main versions: the first series (8N) released in 1998, the second (8J) in 2006 and the current one (8S) which debuted in 2014.

Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

Many engines have found a place under the bonnet including the 1.8 turboil 2.0 TFSIil VR6il 2.5 of the RS and, last but not least, the most parks 2.0 TDI. Remember the availability of four-wheel drive permanent and the introduction of exclusivity DSG exchange double clutch, a point of reference in the field of high-performance automatic transmissions since 2003. The different ones are worthy of attention from enthusiasts and collectors limited and celebratory releaseswho anticipated the exit of production of the car and who will have a certain economic revaluation in the not distant future.

Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

An end already announced

Even if you weren’t a big fan of the brand with the four rings, you still couldn’t deny that the Audi TT marked an era. It’s difficult to resign yourself to the idea that we will no longer see it on the price listwhere his presence was always a reference, even if only for daydreaming. There are many causes that led to his retirement and that go on beyond sales numbers. In fact, the current market has changed a lot compared to the end of the 90s and the car is increasingly seen less as a recreational object and a source of satisfaction.

Audi TT, end of production: goodbye to a legend!

In the photo, from left: DKW Monza (1955-1960), Audi TT coupé last series.

Economic crises, skyrocketing taxes, high management costs and uncertainty about the future of individual mobility have led to a rather predictable result: the flattening of the producers’ proposal to customers. Users now prefer it practical ‘disposable’ solutions, objects that are purchased with the idea of ​​getting rid of them after a short time. Industrial products to which it’s less and less easy to get attached.

The SUV segment (perhaps electric!) now seems to be the only possible destiny for the car. Will it really be like this? Nobody knows the future but one thing is certain: the fans they will be missed more and more of cars like the Audi TT!

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