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Audible: all the news scheduled for the month of April

Audible has thought of a series of novelties to be published throughout the month of April to celebrate the arrival of spring. Let’s discover them together.

The following audiobooks will be coming to Audible in April

  • Think like Sherlock (from 17 April)

Author and narrator: Massimo Polidoro; Genre: Science and society.

In the eight episodes of his new podcast, Massimo Polidoro is directly inspired by the adventures of the famous English detective to explore the functioning of the human mind. Through Sherlock, in fact, he will discover what are the famous “cognitive traps”, providing the listener with a “toolbox” to learn how to overcome them.

Other titles already available on Sherlock Holmes:

  • Sherlock Holmes and the threat of Cthulhu

Autore: Lois H. Gresh

Narrator: Marco Quaglia

Genre: Yellow.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Horror of Cthulhu

Autore: Lois H. Gresh

Narrator: Marco Quaglia

Genre: Yellow.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Terror of Cthulhu

Autore: Lois H. Gresh

Narrator: Marco Quaglia

Genre: Yellow.


Simultaneous news in bookstores and on Audible in April

  • The Disappearance of Butterflies (from 11 April)

Authors: Fabio Geda;

Narrator: Moses Singh;

Genre: Children’s novel.

Anna, Andrea, Cora and Valerio are not only friends, but also schoolmates intent on going through their turbulent adolescence together, marked by disappointments and open questions. Andrea, who perceives everything more intensely than others, gradually isolates himself, afraid of the future. But in his time of need, his friends won’t leave him alone.

Other books by Fabio Geda: In the sea there are crocodiles; Barefoot souls; The exact sequence of gestures; Summer at the turn of the century.

  • Book Lovers (from 13 April)

Autore: Emily Henry;

Narrator: Valentina Framarin;

Genre: Romance.

Nora has been through enough breakups to know she’s the only one men date before she finds true love. Convinced by her sister to spend a month’s vacation in Sunshine Falls, Nora, instead of meeting sexy lumberjacks, handsome doctors or nice bartenders, keeps running into … Charlie.

  • I was born for this (from April 5th)

Author: Alice Oseman;

Narrator: Elisa Giorgio;

Genre: Children’s novel.

For Angel Rahimi, The Ark, a pop-rock trio of teenagers, are everything. Conversely, Jimmy Kaga-Ricci owes everything to the Ark. He’s their frontman and playing in a band with his friends is all he’s ever dreamed of doing. But dreams don’t always turn out to be dreams.

Special April 25th

  • The White Continent (from April 4th)

Author: Andrea Tarabbia;

Narrator: Guido di Naccio;

Genre: Fiction.

Marcello Croce is the leader of an extreme right movement and carries forward his idea of ​​subversion. Meanwhile he meets Silvia, a woman of the Roman bourgeoisie with whom he establishes a power game that will lead them to absolute perdition. The sick relationship between Silvia and Marcello is the powerful metaphor of the fascination that certain ideas have exercised and continue to exercise on the Italian bourgeoisie.


  • Even the partisans though (from April 25th)

Author: Chiara Colombini;

Narrator: Daniela Barra;

Genre: Fiction.

In this audiobook, Chiara Colombini debunks the myths and falsifications about the Italian Resistance Movement.

  • Mussolini’s last soldier (from April 25th)

Author: Andrea Frediani;

Narrator: Alberto Bergamini;

Genre: Fiction.

After the armistice of 8 September 1943, the life of Ulisse Savino, veteran of the fascist militia, was completely destroyed. The more the war goes on, the more his convictions begin to waver, but the creation of the Republic of Salò gives new hope to him.

  • Stories of the resistance (from 25 April)

Author: Marcello Flores;

Narrator: Andrea Failla;

Genre: Fiction.

78 years after the Liberation, here is a reconstruction of the facts, moments and protagonists that have changed our country forever.

  • Bella ciao (from April 25th)

Author: Carlo Pestelli;

Narrator: Jerry Mastrodomenico;

Genre: Fiction.

Bella ciao is one of the most famous and sung songs in the world, a hymn to freedom which, at the same time, arouses debates and divides souls. But what are the origins of this song?

  • Fascism ended on April 25, 1945 (from April 25)

Author: Mimmo Franzinelli;

Narrator: Mimmo Strati;

Genre: Fiction.

An audiobook to dismantle a cliché: fascism has been dead and buried since the end of April 1945. A century after the March on Rome, fascism cyclically returns to the news, marking politics and society as a cumbersome presence.

Special Stefania Andreoli, April news on Audible

  • Perfect or happy (from 12 April)

Author and narrator: Stefania Andreoli;

Genre: Nonfiction.

What does it mean to be an adult today? And how to become one? If in recent decades adult identity has been based on work and on one’s social and professional role, this model today appears more in crisis than ever and unable to offer certainties.

Other titles already available by Stefania Andreoli: Mom I have anxiety; I do it for me; Is my child normal?; Dad make yourself heard.


Stories of parents and children

Where you’ve never taken me (from 26 April)

Author: Maria Grazie Calandrone;

Narrator: Sonia Bergamasco;

Genre: Autobiographical.

1965: a couple, after abandoning their eight-month-old daughter in the park of Villa Borghese, make an extreme gesture. In 2021, Maria Grazia Calandrone, the abandoned child,. determined to discover the truth, she returns to the places where her mother lived, suffered, worked and loved.

  • Not just mom (from 26 April)

Author and narrator: Claudia De Lillo;

Genre: Fiction.

She is a financial journalist with two children, aged four and two. She has a part-time husband, from Bari and a communist, often in London for work. Together with them there is also Valentina, the babysitter. Around them, however, there is Milan, whose residents are convinced they live in a charming American suburb.

You have complicated days and busy nights. If she accidentally closes her eyes, she falls asleep. But she’s an elasti-mom, for better or for worse.

More new releases in April on Audible

  • The salt on the wound – Author: Cristina Rava; Narrator: Stefania Rusconi; Genre: Yellow;
  • Musicofilia – Author: Oliver Sacks; Narrator: Riccardo Bocci; Genre: Manual.
  • Twenty happy stories and one sad – Author: Mauro Corona; Narrator: Bruno Schirripa; Genre: Short Stories;
  • The truth untold – Author: Rokia; Narrator: Mimmo Strati; Genre: Fiction;
  • Charlemagne – Author: Alessandro Barbero; Narrator: Giuliano Bonetto; Genre: History;
  • Tokyo anno zero – Author: David Peace; Narrator: Michele Botrugno; Genre: Thriller;
  • The tears of heroes – Author: Matteo Nucci; Narrator: Matteo Nucci; Genre: Literature.
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