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Review TC100 Relaxed: the entry level of Corsair chairs

In this article we will see the review of the TC100 Relaxed the most accessible but no less good Corsair gaming chair

Wide seat, reinforced support points, a couple of cushions and a couple of choices between color and upholstery. With this Corsair TC100 comfort is at home, you can make the most of all the positions in which you can recline it and still the adjustable armrests. Whether you love fabric or leather, you will be satisfied, too bad for the color variations that are very few, but even in this case we are allowed a minimum of customization.

After this small introduction I would say that we can proceed to find out how this Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair seemed to us.

Review TC100 Relaxed: the entry level of Corsair chairs

Specifications and Fitment | TC100 Relaxed review

Here are some specifications of the chair:

  • Seat width: 54 cm
  • recline: 90 – 160°
  • Backrest height: 81 cm
  • Diameter wheels: 65 mm
  • Gas lift capacity: 10 cm
  • Seat frame: steel

The instructions were essential during assembly which unfortunately we have not found inside the box, probably due to an oversight but which are still easily available on the official page under the download heading.

Inside the package we find a box containing all the necessary screws but also an Allen key necessary for assembly. In addition to the key mentioned, no other object is needed e the assembly is completed in 15-20 minutes maximum.

The packaging is careful not to scratch any part of the chair. Each part is packaged individually and therefore it is impossible, even for the most clumsy courier, to be able to ruin the contents of the package.

Review TC100 Relaxed: the entry level of Corsair chairs

Design and Materials | TC100 Relaxed review

The style chosen by Corsair for its TC 100 Relaxed is the most classic of all. No garish colors, no weird shapes, and no sci-fi stuff. Despite what has just been said, Corsair’s soul is strong in this TC 100 Relaxed.

The attention to detail really stands out. Already in the assembly phase it is nice to note how Corsair has really thought of everything. A striking example is that of the caps that cover the support screws for the plastic covers. The caps are branded with the Corsair symbol, a small trick that goes unnoticed overall but that a careful eye can only appreciate.

The color we had to test the Tc100 is divided between gray and black. The only symbol of Corsair is the logo on the headrest.

The padding is rather stiff and almost seems a little tight but overall, thanks also to the shape of the seat, everything is quite comfortable.

Overall, the materials chosen seem to be of good quality. The metals are resistant and also with regard to the fabrics we have nothing to complain about.

Review TC100 Relaxed: the entry level of Corsair chairs

Comfort and use | TC100 Relaxed review

As mentioned, despite the padding it is rather narrow, but overall the soft and enveloping lines manage to give a rather good sense of comfort. We are obviously far from other gaming chairs that we have previously reviewed but also true that the price is a third of the chairs we are referring to.

In general we found ourselves quite happy in using this chair but we cannot say that it is free from defects. The same material that we find in the padding is used for the cushions which are rather stiff, a choice that we actually appreciated. What least convinced us about the cushions is the fixing system. Although it is very comfortable, the fixing with elastic cords does not allow a lasting block and more than once we had to move the pillows (lumbar and cervical) to be comfortable.

Cushions might seem like a marginal use but in reality for those who spend a lot of time at the PC for work or leisure, they are an irreplaceable accessory.

The chair position management system also certainly does a great job. In fact, this system, in addition to raising and lowering the seat, allows us to recline the backrest up to 160 degrees. The armrests are also an equally indispensable accessory and unfortunately here we would have expected something more.

Although the armrests are quite performing we would have liked to see them in 3D. The convenience of being able to raise or lower the armrests is excellent even if everything is limited to this. Contrary to what is shown on the Corsair website (which informed us that it is working to fix everything) the armrests do not also travel inward or outward. Consequently, the sled movement that projects the armrests forwards or backwards is also not contemplated.

The lack of an inward adjustment is not a problem for console players but the matter changes and how the chair is used at the PC. Especially in the writing phases it is essential to have the possibility of projecting the arm inwards.

Review TC100 Relaxed: the entry level of Corsair chairs

Who should buy this Corsair TC100 Relaxed?

In conclusion we are faced with a gaming chair that stands in an almost entry level range. The materials turn out to be quite good as is the general ergonomics of the chair. Unfortunately, on the comfort side, we have something to complain about the TC100. Despite the large seat, the padding is a bit narrow and after long sessions in front of the PC between work and leisure, comfort is lost. Another weak point of the low-end chair made in Corsair is certainly the armrest system that has the only function of being able to lower or raise. The impossibility of being able to lean inwards or outwards unfortunately greatly limits the time of use while writing or while using the keyboard and mouse to play, a completely different matter if you plan to use the chair to play with a Scuf (or other pad).

Looking around, the price of around 220 euros is not excessive and is certainly justified by the brand and the materials, a pity for the aforementioned shortcomings and for the lack of color choices and design in general.

Plus points

  • Excellent materials
  • Reclining system up to 160 degrees
  • Seat comfort

Points against

  • Padding a bit lacking
  • Armrests that move only up/down
  • Colors and design not too sophisticated
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