Audio chats of Russian soldiers end up on Clubhouse

Le chat audio dei soldati russi finiscono su Clubhouse thumbnail

A group of hackers and translators is broadcasting Russian military communications by radio, posting audio chats of the Russian soldiers on Clubhouse. According to some independent sources, the conversations correspond to some of Moscow’s strategic moves, confirming their veracity.

Communications from Russian soldiers go to Clubhouse

A group of native Russian hackers, analysts and translators are publishing Moscow’s military communications on Clubhouse. The audio room “Monitoring, Archiving and Transcribing Open Russian Radio Communications During the Ukraine Russia War” publishes chats among Russian soldiers.

Not all army communications are in fact encrypted. So the volunteers who created the chat can intercept and publish them in real time. According to reports from some journalistic sources, the communications actually correspond to field operations by the Moscow army. In particular, it appears that the chats about the entrance to Kharkiv proved to be correct.

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The founders of the audio room call their own work “Russian Radio Operation”. In fact, they mainly transmit analog signals, most likely received by radio devices near the various battlefields in Ukraine. Once collected, the communications go digital and broadcast on Clubhouse. Where are they then translated and transcribed in English.

According to ANSA, ShadowBreak International he allegedly released some of the recordings after “collaborating closely with radio amateurs and translators around the world to document and collect the conversations.” But assessing the strategic impact of this operation made it complicated: if the Russians wanted to keep them secret, they would. However, this operation on Clubhouse mayand facilitate the work of intelligence Ukraine and document the conflict more fully.