Audio commentary is coming to Facebook

I commenti audio stanno per arrivare su Facebook thumbnail

According to what was announced through a Twitter post, it appears that Facebook is about to introduce comments toaudio. Through them, users would be able to comment verbally their friends’ posts with audio clips lasting ten seconds. Let’s find out all the details together.

Audio comments coming to Facebook

Have you ever dreamed of commenting on your friends’ posts on Facebook with a simple e fast voice audio? Dear readers, you will soon be able to – or so it seems. As announced by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi through a post published on Twitter, Facebook is working on this new feature.

Paluzzi, through his post, shows a preview of what could be the interface of the new Facebook function. You can see the post above.

The leaker had shown the news at the end of October and, a few days ago, he updated his followers, revealing to them that the social platform is also working on some audio effects which will allow customize even more your own audio commentary.

If you are not a fan of voice messages, fear not: the maximum duration will be ten seconds, so you won’t find longer audio comments on your Facebook wall.

At the moment, however, Mark Zuckerberg and his company, Meta, have not officially announced yet the arrival of this feature. However Paluzzi is a pretty reliable leaker so if everything goes according to plan, we expect this announcement to be made official over the next few weeks.

It is worth pointing out that there is also the possibility that Zuckerberg and Meta are actually testing the feature and then throwing it in the trash. Indeed there are no guarantees which can become a permanent feature within the social network.

For this reason we just have to wait and sharpen our sight: if you should see voice messages such as comments under the posts, get ready to fight (O run away). It depends on how fond of audio commentary you are.