TGA 2021: Keighley promises 4 or 5 announcements equal to Elden Ring

Geoff Keighley promises that at the TGA 2021 there will be 4 or 5 announcements of equal importance to the Elden Ring gameplay reveal

Always i TGA have been the stage for numerous reveal related to the world of video games, and it seems that this 2021 edition also wants to keep faith with this pleasant tradition. And he has already thought about fueling the hopes Geoff Keighley, creator, producer and host of the event, who has already revealed that during the event there will be 40-50 games, many of which will be real surprises, with some able to rival, in terms of importance, with the gameplay reveal of Elden Ring.

At TGA 2021 there will be 4 or 5 announcements that can rival the gameplay of Elden Ring

Keighley expressed himself on the matter in an interview with USA Today microphones, and for the occasion he could not help but mention the reveal del gameplay di Elden Ring occurred during the Summer Game Fest 2021. In this regard he compared the scope of some of the announcements that will characterize the TGA 2021 to the one that involved the title developed by From Software.

TGA 2021: Keighley promises 4 or 5 announcements equal to Elden Ring

These are the words of Keighley about the announcements that will feature i TGA 2021:

“I was very happy, since the trailer [di Elden Ring] it was great. It was a real blow, as we are talking about a long-awaited game. Given the goodness of the material, I was very anxious to share it with people. And for this year? Oh dear, there are probably 4 or 5 ads of the same caliber and I can’t wait to show them all. The Summer Games Fest was something new that I personally created, and the fact that From Software bet on all of that when they could have had an event like E3 meant a lot to me. Working with such a team has been a real honor, so stay tuned, because other things like this could happen. ”

What can he ever talk about Keighley? To find out, we just have to wait for the next December 9th, and we at will not fail to keep you updated on this, therefore we invite you to continue following us.

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