Audiophile VZR Model One: the new professional gaming headphones arrive

Audiophile VZR Model One are the new headphones of the newborn VZR, the new audio products company of the former acoustic engineer of Apple

VZR, a new audio products company founded by Apple’s former chief acoustic engineer, Vic Tiscareno, and some veterans of the triple A video game and sound industry, announces that the Audiophile VZR Model One gaming headset is available and in the US market starting today, with a broader release in more countries later. in the course of 2021.

Audiophile VZR Model One: main features

The VZR Model One was created to provide gamers, music enthusiasts and sound engineers with an unprecedented acoustic experience achieved through patented technology CrossWave. This innovation in headphone design acoustically reshapes audio waves before they reach the ear, creating a large, natural sound that’s more like hi-fi speakers than other headphones.

Audiophile VZR Model One: the new professional gaming headphones arrive

Thanks to Tiscareno’s technological innovations and acoustic tuning experience of over 30 years in audio, the VZR Model One delivers winning sound for gaming and a high-fidelity music experience in the same headphones. THE competitive players they can discern those critical sounds like footsteps and shot placement they need to get an edge, then pick up details that other earbuds have kept hidden while listening to their favorite songs.

Unlike traditional audiophile headphones, the VZR One model is equipped with a microphone which provides high quality sound with acoustic noise cancellation technology. Users can unplug the boom microphone when not on calls or chatting with the team, but remain ready to chat instantly with a secondary inline microphone with mute switch. The headset also comes with an extension cable, 3.5mm headphone and microphone splitter, 6.3mm adapter and carrying case.

Enjoy stellar Model One sound on any device with a headphone jack, be it the integrated audio of a system, controller or smartphone, thanks to the low impedance, high sensitivity design of the headphones. Meanwhile, the low distortion acoustic design means that listeners who want to use special DACs and headphone amplifiers can leverage their equipment to get even more amazing sound out of their headphones.

The words of Tiscareno and the price of the new headphones

Vic Tiscareno, founder of VZR, said:

“VZR Model One is the culmination of years of design and decades of experience to create the audiophile gaming headphones the world needed. But I promise you, this is just the beginning for VZR as we seek to radically improve the audio experience for gamers, music lovers and audio professionals around the world. Stay tuned.”

The VZR Model One is now available from the official VZR website for 349 dollars and is shipped immediately within US territory only.

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