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Augmented reality: what it is and its applications

Have you heard of augmented reality very often, but still don’t have a clear idea on the subject? You are in the right place!

In recent years, technological innovations have made it possible to make significant steps forward in all areas, also opening up to interesting development scenarios which, up until a few years ago, would have been largely unthinkable. For example, many wonder what is augmented reality and what kind of applications it can have, aware that it is a technology that could change the world we know in a very rapid and profound way. In the following paragraphs we will try to understand what it is about, also focusing on the possible application horizons in the next future. After all, many think that augmented reality could also represent a real profession in the future. Also for this reason, those who had been left behind in their studies could think about making up for the school years in Rome to obtain a diploma and have the right tools to become protagonists in this sector.

Augmented reality: what it is and its applications

Augmented reality definition: what to know

What is augmented reality? To answer this question, one must imagine alla possibility to enhanceusing high-tech devices, the sensory capabilities of the person. Speaking of augmented reality definition and meaning can be adequately understood by imagining a world that is a perfect integration between physical reality and the digital world. Therefore, it would not be correct to speak of augmented and virtual reality, this because it is, in reality, a real integration between physical reality and the digital world. This integration occurs using common technological devices, think of a smartphone. Instead of talking about augmented and virtual reality, it would be better to talk about the technology that allows multimedia information to be superimposed on the normal view that one has when looking at a display.

Basically, understanding augmented reality allows you to look at the world from different eyes, seizing very important opportunities also for companies, think, for example, of the possibility of using this technology to remote assistance. In summary, to the question: “What is augmented reality?” we can answer that it is about a technology that superimposes virtual elements on the real world, so as to create an immersive and truly attractive experience for all users. Through devices such as tablets, cell phones or smart glasses, this technology combines the physical environment with digital graphics and audio, thus allowing users to interact, literally speaking, with virtual objects in a real context.

Augmented reality: what it is and its applications

Some examples

After understanding what augmented reality is, it is all too easy to realize what its possible applications could be in different fields. With augmented reality examples such as gaming, education, design and medicine, help to understand how this technology could change our lives very quickly. Consider, for example, the possibility of using augmented reality to try on clothes or accessories in a virtual way, and therefore without having to try them on physically. Another possible example that could help to understand what augmented reality is is that of the educational sector. In fact, with augmented reality, students have the concrete possibility of explore interactive objects in 3Dthus enhancing learning in ways never seen before. But think also of the possibility of using augmented reality technology to visualize in advance how to furnish a house.

In short, the fields of application are truly endless and this technology is already changing, in a very profound way, the very way in which one interacts with the surrounding environment. The possibility of integrating reality with virtual elements allows for an expanded and innovative vision of reality itself. A concrete example of using augmented reality in everyday life could be that of a smartphone application that uses the camera to overlay digital information onto the real world, for example inside a museum. In this case, a tourist could simply hold his smartphone’s camera close to a painting or sculpture to recognize the work and see additional information on the phone screen. Not only that, again through augmented reality, visitors can interact with the work of art virtually, thus exploring every detail in real time. And this is just a small example of how augmented reality can be used to enrich visitor experiences.

Augmented reality: what it is and its applications

Augmented reality and professions of the future

As mentioned, the advent of augmented reality technology is already changing the way we relate to reality. Above all, those who have understood well what augmented reality is, know that this technology will become increasingly central also with a view to professional improvement in the near future. Those interested in finding a placement in this sector should think about acquiring skills and knowledge, as well as developing their technical skills. In fact, augmented reality involves a combination of programming, 3D graphics, user interface design and application development.

Advice for anyone wishing to find employment in this area, therefore, is to find what the specific areas of greatest interest are and focus on those. But what are the effective outlets in the professional field with regard to augmented reality? Augmented Reality (AR) specialists are resources that can be employed in various work sectors, from luxury to banking and automotive. In addition to the diploma, those interested in this type of career should undertake specialized studies in areas such as design for virtual reality and AR, graphic design, computer science, mathematics or engineering.

Augmented reality: what it is and its applications

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence: possible future developments

As it is easy to understand, those who have really understood what augmented reality is have also understood that we are talking about a technology that has enormous potential for development in different fields. In fact, we often hear about artificial intelligence associated with augmented reality, this is because AR, in proposing an interaction between man and machine, also uses tools capable of using artificial intelligence. According to all insiders, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are destined to work together and become commonly used in everyone’s life. All of this is already happening, and this applies to both the professional and private worlds. In a future that is now already present, it will be possible to enjoy increasingly immersive augmented reality experiences thanks to artificial intelligence, increasingly capable of better understanding the surrounding environment and favoring the superimposition of virtual objects on the real world.

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