Aura Kingdom is updated with the new Patch 80 – Whipmaster

Aura Kingdom si aggiorna con la nuova Patch 80 - Whipmaster thumbnail

gamigo announces the release of a new major update for the popular MMO Aura Kingdom. The new update is called Patch 80 – Whipmaster and brings with it a large number of new features that will significantly enrich the gaming experience for users. With the new update, in fact, Aura Kingdom is renewed and can now count on new classes, new dungeons and the new game mode Gaia Sanctuary.

Lots of news for the new Aura Kingdom update

Patch 80 – Whipmaster significantly renews the content of gamigo’s popular MMO Aura Kingdom. Available to players is the Whipmaster, new class that uses the whip to ward off evil. Among the new content available to players is the new dungeon Nightmare Realm. This is a solo dungeon that includes formulas for the new golden SLv5 holy spirits, loyalty points, fortifications, repeatable potions for holy spirits, and rare crafting materials.

Also noteworthy is the dungeon Doom of Despir, also to be played alone to get rewards such as Nightmare Insignias. Then there is the new mode Gaia Sanctuary Mode – “Judgment (Party)” to be played in a group with other players. For PvP there is the debut of an updated version of Divine Trial, called Divine Trial II.

The trailer for the new update

The release of the new patch and new content was accompanied by a new trailer:

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