Aurora, the new single by Dave Hans: a poem in rap

Music pushes many artists to live on dreams, between notes and written verses. Let's discover Aurora, Dave Hans' latest single

Art is a world characterized by countless facets, by “forbidden” dreams and desires collected and put in one's pocket, with the desire to realize them. If we talk about music it is right to mention a emerging artist, it's Davide Anselmo. Aka Dave Hans, he was born on 19 October 1995 in Palermo, but currently resides in Castello-Molina di Fiemme, in Trentino-Alto Adige. His work in this world led him to present himself with Autoimmune in 2021 and now we are here to present his latest creation. Here it is indeed Auroranew single by Dave Hans, a real poem based on rap.

Aurora by Dave Hans: an introspective single

Not an album, but a single. But that doesn't make it any less authentic, or any less important. Indeed, Dave Hans' continued work has led him to one considerable growthwhich allowed him to express himself in a clean, clear and sincere way through the text of Aurora, online since 15 March 2024. The title alone could tell part of the journey – introspective – which the young artist did within his song. The Aurora is in fact that light that can be admired in the sky just before sunrise, therefore before dawn.

Something that is finished but which, on the other hand, leads to a possible new rebirth. A title that is told to those who want to read and listen, understand and understand each other. Although rap is often seen as a “distant” musical formula and unaccustomed to pure feelings, Dave Hans proposes it again in a poetic, true and raw perspective.

His experience is not lacking, it is present in every single word, in every single verse and in every single note. A poem sung by an artist who wants bring out his heart.

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