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Australia: ChatGPT to face defamation lawsuit

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Not only is Italy having serious problems with ChatGPT, but also Australia. The mayor of an Australian city is preparing the world’s first defamation lawsuit against OpenAi, over the content and responses provided by its chatbot.

The man is called Brian Hood and is the mayor of Hepburn Shire, 120km NW of Melbourne. Hood let it be known that ChatGPT had wrongly named him guilty of a corruption scandal which had involved a branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia in the early 2000s.

OpenAi may face libel lawsuit in Australia over ChatGPT

Hood said he is ready to sue OpenAi if it does not immediately correct the false information about him. It would be the world’s first defamation lawsuit against ChatGPT.

“He’s an elected official, his reputation is critical to his role,” Hood’s attorneys said — so it makes a difference to him whether people in his community access this material.

It is not the first time that ChatGPT reports totally inaccurate and sometimes absolutely invented information. We at, before the blockade in Italy, tried the chatbot for a long time. In particular, we tried to use ChatGPT to obtain information on the song Disperato Erotico Stomp by Lucio Dalla (as we were preparing a new episode of our section dedicated to songs). The answer that the chatbot gave us alarmed us, as it was totally inaccurate. Asked for information on the song, ChatGPT replied that the song was written and interpreted by Cristiano Malgioglio. Absolutely false notion.

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