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Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

The time has come to dive into the review of Have a Nice Death, a video game where Death is more fun than we thought

In recent times it has not been uncommon for gamers to find themselves in front of independent titles strongly focused on entertainment, certainly the bar will not lower for those who will put their hand to Have a Nice Deathand roguelite 2D platformer developed by Magic Design Studios. It must be added that the software house in question does not seem to be new to churning out small masterpieces, all the same Unruly Heroes released in 2019 it was able to boast of full-thickness votes from international videogame critics. Votes that range easily between 8 and 9 without any hesitation and with editors almost thrilled to have played it.

But enough talk and let’s dive into what has been up to now one of the best games we could test in this 2023, taking nothing away from other fantastic video games that we have tried in the past months and will try for you in the following months. So sit down and enjoy with us a story made of Death and lots and lots of laughs.

Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

Dying is a luxury – Review Have a Nice Death

The plot of Have a Nice Death it’s as simplistic as it is fun, it all starts when Death tired and stressed out of no longer having a moment of serenity, she decides to set up a company dedicated to the collection of souls. Unfortunately now relegated to the office, between columns of paperwork to be done and no longer in the field, Death he will not realize that his subordinates are excessively reaping victims (even more than necessary), also due to an undefined figure that we will discover in the course of the adventure.

In short, Death needs to take back the reins of Death Inc. and to do so he will have to confront, collide or launch into ironic jokes with various characters, all seasoned with a pleasant irony and well characterized. A little careless interns, trade unionists without a wheel and so on will be one of the main hubs, capable of making Have a Nice Death a light-hearted and fun video game.

Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

Mechanics… – Review Have a Nice Death

We are faced, as already mentioned in the opening of the article, with a video game roguelite platform 2D characterized by one very cartoonish and light-hearted graphic stylealready in itself this poses Have a Nice Death in our bulletin board of video games to be rewarded, but these are not the only things to remember (or know) that revolve around this title. It presents some different play areas and reachable using an elevator, through which it is possible to move between the various departments of the company. Each area, as we have already said, is well diversified from the others notwithstanding the ambient tones are mostly similar and tending to what one would expect at a company of Death.

Move between the various game areas, freely explorable departments of your choice and which each have different rewards useful for empowering us, also means having to engage in fights against a varied handful of quite varied enemies, who can be mowed down (a term that is never more appropriate) by Death through some primary or secondary attackseven using different unlockable weapons throughout the game.

Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

At the end of each department we would be dealing with a bosseach with his own moveset unique that requires a strategic repositioning and the right amount of skill, a perfect balance between attack e defence. The nature roguelite is still present, in fact it will be necessary to die over and over again to accumulate points with which to unlock further skills or upgrades.

But do not despair, everything is less complicated than it seems, as the game itself comes to our aid, offering us totally free upgrades during the exploration of the department that we are “resetting”, obviously valid only for the current game. The cost of purchasable upgrades may still suffer a drop in price if we complete an associated challenge, a valid way to make the title easier and less frustrating for gamers.

Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

Fun, maybe repetitive

Have a Nice Death is a video game that convinces and entertainsexplore the different divisions of the Death Inc. facing “common” enemies, mini-bosses or bosses we enjoyed it a lot. Even the choice of various upgrades, primary and secondary weapons and spells convinced us and it was all very varied. Even the price when compared to what the video game offers is something that convinces, however it might be a little boring.

It is not so much the mechanics itself that bores him, nor the bosses so dissimilar to each other both in terms of the artistic side and the moves and characterization, it is simply the structure of the levels and the related concept art (including color palette) which could make the title boring. The various divisions of the Death Inc. they are all strictly similar to each otherand this can perhaps visually bore the gamer.

Have a Nice Death Review: When dying is fun

However, we consider this a stylistic choice due to the taste of Death in structuring her company, which can also be justified as a design choice of the protagonist herself. Choice of design (regarding the office of Death) that we can “overturn” with some cosmetic elements that we can unlock and buy, in case the main office seems too “dull” (ok, that was a bad joke).

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Now you can take off the Scythe from near us

Plus points

  • The combat system is solid and rewarding
  • A variety of weapons and abilities to unlock and equip
  • Fun and more than fair priced

Points against

  • Concept art and level structure too similar to each other