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Auto with integrated Google: what is it and how does it work?

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The use of smartphones, even while driving, has become almost indispensable for many. For some years there have been many vehicles that allow the connection of our telephone with the control panel, but the use is not always intuitive and quick, and in any case you still have to depend on your mobile phone. Here because Google he thought of a system integrated into the car: in this way all the functionalities of assistance, navigation and entertainment are present directly on the vehicle.

Google integrated in the car: what it is and how it works

Even if you don’t have an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, thanks to integrated Google, you can therefore have access to all the Android Auto functions on the car you are driving. Your voice or finger will suffice.

Google Maps auto

First of all, it is recommended to create a Google account, or access an existing one, to get the most out of the system. Google built-in comes with three basic apps: Google Maps, Google Play e Google Assistant.

Google Maps It’s one of Google’s most popular features and plays a key role in in-vehicle integration. Accessed through the touch-screen infotainment system, you can plan a route, get turn-by-turn driving directions, check traffic conditions in real time and save your favorite destinations. For vehicles equipped with Super Cruise, Google Maps can also identify streets compatible with the hands-free driving system.

Google Play instead, it allows you to install a wide range of apps on board the vehicle and customize their layout, so you can easily access your favorites directly from the touch screen. Google Play it also offers easy access to streaming and downloads of music, podcasts, and audiobooks. All entertainment apps are of course compatible with driving, so as not to compromise road safety.

Finally there is Google Assistant, perhaps the most important of the integrated services, which allows easy, hands-free access to everything. Whether you want to call or text someone, play music, navigate home, change the temperature or make a call, all you have to do is just say “Hey Google” or press a button on the steering wheel. From there, simply tell Google Assistant what you need and the service will do the job.

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Infotainment and connectivity

The display, or touch control panel, is different depending on the car that hosts it. The only thing that remains the same on every vehicle is the system, for all that of Android. Indeed, the intention is to bring the driver back to familiarity with the same tools used at work or at home.

As already mentioned, to use the system it is not necessary to have a smartphone or other devices, the system works by itself. It is therefore sufficient to only have a Google account. Obviously, however, for those who have other devices, the connection between them will still be possible and very simple. Even for Apple users.

Subscription and updates

One of the main problems with integrated Google is that usage requires a subscription, although many of the car manufacturers already offer a subsidized or free plan for the first few years of use. When these expire, users will be able to rely on services such as OnStar Premium, Connected Vehicle and Unlimited Data and choose the one that best meets their needs. On average, subscriptions are around $25 a month. System updates, on the other hand, take place automatically, clearly while the vehicle is not moving.

Alternatives to Google Integrated

As mentioned at the beginning, it has been possible for several years to connect your smartphone with your car. The two most used systems are Android Auto by Google and CarPlay of Apple. Both allow you to extend the functionality of your phone on the vehicle display. In this regard, Google recently announced that a new version of Android Auto will be released in 2023, under the name of Coolwalk, with an improvement in terms of graphics and functionality. All that remains is to wait for Apple’s response.

Integrated Google and the future of automotive

At the moment there are still few brands that have accepted the idea of ​​integrating Google into their models directly during production. There was one of the first Volvo, which has already launched several vehicles on the market with this type of functionality. Other brands currently compatible with the integrated Google system are Polestar, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Renault, Hondae soon too Ford.

An innovation that seems to be taking hold especially overseas rather than in Europe, but it is likely that it will soon become a reality on our continent as well, also because the direction of the market, not only within the automotive sector, is to make everything always more connected and smarter.

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