Autohero, behind every click there is professionalism and the guarantee of safe used

Autohero, dietro ogni click c'è la professionalità e la garanzia dell'usato sicuro thumbnail

A few are enough click and the car what do you buy from Autohero gets you to casaespecially behind all this is the professionalism and the warranty dell’used safe.

Autohero, behind every click there is professionalism and the guarantee of safe used cars, press office source

Autohero, a young story with big numbers

Autohero born in Germania in 2017, belongs to AUTO1 Group SE. Europe’s leading multi-brand automotive technology company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

in addition toItaly, Autohero it is present in others eight markets. Among them: GGermany, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden e Austria.

In the first quarter of 2022, Autohero has sold more than 14mila auto in Europawith an increase of86% YoY. Today the company employs a workforce of several hundred employees in the Bel Paese, aiming for further growth and development.

The mission

Autohero provides a simple, modern and secure service. Especially in the scenario of the online used car market, it offers a 100% pleasant buying experience.

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This yes based on two key values: transparency e reliability. As, Autohero is aimed at both customers who are approaching the purchase of a car online for the first time. As for the already savvy consumers, providing them all the information necessary for the purchase.

In order to be able to offer an alternative but equally reliable, valid and intelligent solution compared to the purchase of a used car through traditional channels.

Autohero, behind every click there is professionalism and the guarantee of safe used cars, press office sourceAutohero, behind every click there is professionalism and the guarantee of safe used

The largest online used car store

We are increasingly connected. We have less and less time for shopping. Autohero is the leading online used car shop in Europe. Only selling cars from own inventory and as a one step service. Above all, Autohero has digitized l’entire purchasing process: from car search, selection and ordering, payment, financing and home delivery.

The DNA of the company

Each step of the purchase is taken care of by Autohero. From ease of use and satisfaction the key elements of its DNA. This is also demonstrated in its detailed online shop system where every car sold can be viewed up close, from many perspectives and angles. Complete data is provided and information detailed about condition and history of each car, image galleries and 360-degree videos where users can take a virtual tour through the interior, complete descriptions online. Even the smallest imperfections are transparently displayed in a separate gallery to have a truly complete and transparent understanding of the customer’s desired car, 100% online. Currently, users can choose from a variety of several thousand used cars in stock, of all popular models and brands.

In the constant search for the highest quality, on the online shop each user has the opportunity to buy used cars that meet the strict Autohero quality standard selected and overhauled by professional mechanics, perfectly overhauled and guaranteed in every respect, from safety to aesthetics. A once the purchase is complete, the car is delivered in the iconic Autohero Truck, comfortably and to the customer’s home. Among the aspects that make the service offered by Autohero unique, a 12-month warranty included, extendable in its premium version, and a period in which customers benefit from the right of withdrawal – lasting 21 days against the traditional 14 provided by law.

Transparency and state-of-the-art shopping experience

We asked Soni LerajDirector of Retail at Autohero, to tell us not only what are the strengths of Autoherobut because it makes the difference on the online used car market.

“Autohero aims to make the process of buying a used car a worry-free, transparent and pleasant experience, characteristics that position us as a safe and reliable brand.

Soni Leraj, Director of Retail at Autohero, press office sourceSoni Leraj, Director of Retail at Autohero, press office source

Transparency plays a key role, we provide accurate and in-depth details about every car in our inventory, including information about its history, maintenance and current condition.

Our service provides 21 days of right of withdrawal during which it is possible to return the car and be reimbursed.

We stand out for a pleasant used car buying experience thanks to a cutting-edge service which, with a completely digital approach, guarantees an innovative, fluid and modern user experience at all stages”.

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