Automotive Influencer Report 2023: who are the most followed four-wheeler influencers?

Automotive Influencer Report 2023: quali sono gli influencer delle quattro ruote più seguiti? thumbnail

There is also ours Fjona Cakalli among the most followed automotive influencers in Italy. He is the first to tell it Automotive Influencer Report born from the collaboration between FLUa business unit of the Uniting Group specialized in the world of influencer marketing, e Motor1.comglobal car magazine and first YouTube motor channel in Italy.

The Automotive Influencer Report from FLU and

The automotive world is changing but the way of telling it is also changing. This has led to the emergence and growth of automotive influencer, professionals who use their social channels to talk about this world with four-wheel enthusiasts.
There are those who show the most interesting facets of their cars, those who reveal the latest trends in the sector and those who, on the other hand, invite the user to discover their own workshop: each of them manages to build effective storytelling on the automotive world, gathering an important and captivating following the attention of millions of people.

The first Automotive Influencer Report, created by FLU and, tells the story of this scenario and its main protagonists.
Among the data that emerges is the one that shows how the audience is made up of about 90% from men between 18 and 24 years old but not only that: the report includes the rankings for the main social networks (YouTube, Instagram e TikTok) of the “TOP 10 automotive influencer” in Italia per engagement rate.

They are YouTube classic car trials are the most successful evergreen topic, which places it on the top step of the podium David Cironi (@Davide Cironi Drive Experience), followed by the racing champion Albert Naska (@AlbertoNaska) e Gas Garage (@gasigarage) who addresses the issue from the point of view of the “hyper-expert” mechanic.

They are Instagram instead the ranking is dominated by Andrew Cartapani (@andrea_cars_and_more), a young engineer who gives technical lessons within everyone’s reach, or almost. They follow David Cironi (@daviddecironi) and Lake Geneva (@ginevradellago).

Finally we come to TikTok con Francesco Traino, specializing in trivia videos dedicated to supercars. Second place rewards the sympathy of II German, a Roman resident in Germany who judges the quality of cars (especially German) on video and gives advice on maintenance. The third place instead goes to ours Fjona Cakalliwhich you can also follow on Instagram and on canale YouTube drivingfjona.

If you are curious and want to learn more, you can download the Automotive Influencer Report 2023 here.

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