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Autonomous driving: Social Self Driving revolutionizes the concept

Social Self Driving is officially born, an innovative startup created by engineer Luigi Mazzola (formerly Ferrari). The project has the ambitious goal of creating a system capable of recording the driver’s driving style and having it reproduced on self-driving cars.

The Italian startup dedicated to autonomous driving

Gone are the days when people dreamed of a future of flying cars. These have given way to an even more futuristic concept: the car that drives itself, or rather self-driving. Within 10 years, the means driven by artificial intelligence will come to be spread all over the world. According to a study conducted by the international consulting firm McKinsey & Company, in 2030 15% of new registrations will be represented by self-driving vehicles. In addition, 55% from semi-autonomous cars. According to the study, in 2030 there will be a total of 200 million autonomous or semi-autonomous cars circulating in the world.

And it is in this scenario that the Social Self Driving project was born. This is a completely Italian innovative startup born from an intuition of the engineer Luigi Mazzola. The latter, after 20 years in the Ferrari team with 14 world championships, now plays the role of entrepreneur, executive coach and company trainer. Mazzola is also one of the co-founders who will begin the first round of financing and development of the project in the next few weeks, also thanks to a patent for which she is the exclusive licensee.

The car that recognizes your style and drives like you

The project is extremely ambitious and consists of a system for recording and profiling the driving style of the driver of a vehicle. This allows it to be replicated later, setting it as a driving style to be performed for an autonomous vehicle. The registered styles can also be shared via the cloud, so as to allow other users to use them. Among the parameters taken into consideration we find all the nuances of the owner’s driving style. For example, his way of approaching curves, his way of positioning himself on the roadway, the management of gear changes and the like.

It will also be possible to create a marketplace where car manufacturers, professional drivers, safe driving instructors, experienced motorists and public figures can market their own personalized driving programs, their own driving profiles.

Self-driving cars learn to drive like we do

With Social Self Driving we can customize our self-driving car and teach it to behave as if we were driving. Or we could have them replicate the driving style of our idol – explains engineer Luigi Mazzola – and car manufacturers, professional drivers, safe driving instructors, well-known personalities and social influencers can create and review their own personalized driving programs and promote them directly in “Social Self Driving” for immediate download to the system, like any other App “.

“Although the public is starting, little by little, to get used to the idea of ​​moving around in self-driving cars – he says. Francesco Zanazzi, co-founder – their full acceptance is still a long way off and this represents a potential problem for the car manufacturers that are investing in them. We are convinced that the possibility of interacting more with these cars will allow us to quickly win a great consensus among potential buyers ”.

“Social Self Driving – aggiunge Guido Ciapponi, co-founder – it was also designed to be a great Fan Engagement tool. Brands, car manufacturers, teams and sports personalities, or anyone in the entertainment world who needs to consolidate the emotional relationship with their fans, will be able to benefit from this great market that is about to be born “.

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