AutoScout24 observatory on the new car market for 2023

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AutoScout24 observatory on the new car market for 2023. The recovery of the new car market. The cost of petrol begins to influence the choice of power supply but the electric one does not take off due to economic and autonomy barriers

The spending budget increases by +12.9% and attention to safety grows among the indispensable devices. Renewal of the vehicle fleet: many ready to replace used cars that are on average 10 years old. What are Italians looking for? The most requested car in the coming months is a hybrid or petrol SUV, black or gray in colour, it has an average cost of €28,900 and must necessarily have a high level of protection.

AutoScout24 observatory on the new car market for 2023

Details on the AutoScout24 Observatory on the new car market for 2023

Although 2022 was archived with a negative sign (-9.5%), the new car market has recorded significant growth in recent months. In December 2022 +20.3% compared to the same period last year and in January 2023 +19.3%. A positive figure despite the difficulties that the sector has had to overcome in recent years, first of all the delays in deliveries or the unavailability of cars. What will happen in 2023 in the new car market? What are the purchasing intentions of Italians? An answer comes from the analysis of AutoScout24. This is the largest pan-European online automotive marketplace, which has involved its community to outline the main trends of the new

The analysis of the AutoScout24 Observatory on the new car market for 2023

The increase in the cost of fuel begins to influence the purchasing behavior of Italians. Among those who intend to buy a new car in the coming months, over a third (36%) have changed their mind about the choice. In particular, 23% went from wanting to buy a thermal vehicle to a hybrid/electric one and 13% to a less powerful thermal version which consumes less. A choice that consequently reflects on the intentions to purchase new cars for the next few months: in first place Italians indicate hybrids (33%), followed by petrol (32%). Diesel decreases (23%) while pure electric ones do not exceed 4.6%. Therefore, the difficulty of electric cars continues, which are unable to overcome the distrust of the Italians: in fact, to curb their rise, users report the low autonomy of the batteries (for 35% of the sample) and the high cost as the main barrier (33%). The shortage of charging stations, another relevant issue, is reported “only” by one in five users. And on this, incentives can be decisive: over four out of ten users intending to buy traditional cars (diesel or petrol), would be willing to opt for electrified cars.

How much are they going to spend?

On average they expect a budget of 28,900 euros, an increase of +12.9% compared to last year’s survey (25,600 euros). Why do you prefer the new car? Considering that you need to have the adequate budget to buy it, on the main reason why you prefer used, 17% tied for a matter of trust and habit. Why do they want to buy a car? When it comes to motivation, most do it for pure pleasure and a desire to change (25%), but above all (38%) would like to replace the car because it is outdated. An aspect, the latter, which can really favor the renewal of the fleet in circulation, given that the car to be changed is on average about 10 years old, but for 27% it is 15 years old or more.

What can’t be missing in a new car?

Attention to safety is growing. In fact, among the functions and accessories that cannot be missing, active safety devices emerge, such as ABS, ESP, ASR or TCS, reported by as many as 81% of users (last year it was by 67%). These are followed by assistance devices while driving (60%), such as for example lane keeping and adaptive cruise control, the infotainment system (navigator, audio system, etc.) reported by 55% of the sample and the automatic transmission by nearly one in two drivers. What are the most sought after models? For 2023, interest in SUVs, crossovers and off-road vehicles is growing further, indicated by as much as 62% of the sample (+21 pp vs 2022). In second place we find sedans (20%). What will be the color trends? The Italians once again indicate an evergreen colour, black, indicated by a third of the sample. The novelty is grey, which with 28% has overtaken white, which is thus positioned in third place. Conversely, only very few would buy yellow or green cars. How many kilometers do they travel on average in a year? 58% from 5 to 15 thousand km, a fifth over 20 thousand. Only 2% do less than 5 thousand km in a year and 4% over 35 thousand.

AutoScout24 observatory on the new car market for 2023

FOCUS 2022

According to the elaboration of the AutoScout24 Study Center on the basis of ACI data, in 2022 compared to 2021, the transfers of ownership of used cars decreased by -10.2%, equal to 2,725,019 deeds. Campania (-13.3%), Basilicata (-12.9%) and Puglia (-12.5%) among the regions that experienced the greatest decline. Among the regions, Lombardy (419,135 passages), Lazio (282,955) and Campania (244,657) are confirmed in the first places for numbers. Among the most requested power supplies, according to ACI data, almost half of the changes in ownership in 2022 (47.3%) concern diesel cars, slightly down on the average for 2021 (49.4%). Petrol cars follow with 37.8%, while hybrid cars represent only 4% of the total requests and “pure” electric cars 0.5%.

The most requested models

Among the most requested models on Autoscout24 the Volkswagen Golf wins overall, in second place we find the Audi A3 and in third place the Fiat Panda. But if only hybrid and electric cars are taken into consideration, we find the Toyota Yaris among the hybrids and the Tesla Model among the electrics. What is the average age of the proposed cars? In terms of average age, compared to last year the situation has remained substantially unchanged (7.9 years), but with values ​​ranging from 6.9 years in the Veneto and Campania to 10.2 years in the Aosta Valley.

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