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AutoScout24 study on the correlation between car chips and used in Europe

The automotive marketplace AutoScout24 conducted an analysis on the automotive sector. According to the study, the lack of chips and semiconductors is holding back the production of new cars, increasing interest in used cars. Consequently, in Italy and in Europe, prices and changes of ownership increase.

AutoScout24: lack of chips negatively affects the market

According to the study conducted by AutoScout24, the largest pan-European online automotive marketplace, productivity is declining due to a lack of chips and semiconductors. This deficit would be prompting many manufacturers to revise their industrial plans. These microprocessors, in fact, are a fundamental element in the management of on-board systems, with cars increasingly dependent on technology.

A situation that has significant consequences on the market, which manifest themselves in the slowdown. At best, this all entails delays in deliveries, but it also happens that production blocks are even generated. The latest predictions from AlixPartners show how the lack of semiconductors would lead to as many as 3.9 million fewer vehicles produced worldwide.

With the new market in decline, second hand is growing

The negative effects of the lack of chips are not only manifested in the new market. According to the study, in fact, the lack of production also pushes the prices of used vehicles. In Italy, from the beginning of the year to today, the average cost of cars for sale on the portal have increased by +3,1%, with an average price of € 17.670.

A not too different situation is manifesting itself in other European countries. For example in Germany, where an increase of +6,1% (average of € 22,940). They follow closely Belgium with +5,7% (€19.630), Austria with +4,9% (€22.700) e Netherlands with +4,5% (€ 20,150). In addition to prices, there is also a decline in the availability of cars. AutoScout24, in the face of a drop of -14% in the advertisements of dealers, the requests have instead risen by + 12%.

AutoScout24: changes in ownership are on the rise

Another interesting fact is that of second-hand cars. After the negative data of the first months of 2021, June registered a surge in + 15.5% compared to the same period of 2019. Given that it is also homogeneous in other European countries analyzed. Among these, in the lead, we find the France (+ 19.4%) followed by Netherlands (+18,5%), Belgium (+16%) e Germany (+12,7%).

“It is a phase of great change for the entire automotive sector. While manufacturers are forced to review their strategies, consumers’ attention for the second-hand market is growing in the short term. The latter guarantees almost immediate availability of the cars and a fleet of cars that meets all needs ” says Tommaso Menegazzo, Marketing Director of AutoScout24. An interest that could increase further also thanks to the incentives just allocated with the Sostegni-bis decree for the purchase of second-hand Euro 6 cars, against the scrapping of cars over 10 years. It is a replacement in favor of new generation, more efficient cars that can help renew the Italian fleet, historically one of the oldest in Europe. “

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