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Available NBA All-World, a new basketball video game for smartphones

Niantic, National Basketball Association e National Basketball Players Association announce the official launch of NBA All-Worldthemed game basket free-to-play which exploits AR and geolocation technologies. The title is now available free on mobile devices.

Available NBA All-World, a new basketball video game for smartphones

NBA All-World brings the world of the NBA to the neighborhoods around the world. Fans can now explore tons of locations and meet the most loved and famous NBA players. In addition to recruiting them to their own teams, they will also be able to level them up challenge after challenge and compete to become the undisputed aces of the local pitches.

Players can also dress up teams of players with accessories e latest fashion clothes, directly inspired by those of many famous real-world brands. Furthermore, within the game, it will be possible to showcase your teams, chat with friends and compete in one-on-one tournaments to win exclusive in-game items.

Thanks to NBA All-World, players can also learn about the favorite places by the most popular and loved NBA players of the moment.

To support the launch of the game Niantic has also designed a marketing campaign entitled “go. all. out.”, and a mini-docuseries “Where I’m From,” featuring NBA players such as Jalen Green, Jordan Poole, Karl-Anthony Towns e Andrew Wiggins.

John HankeFounder & CEO of Niantic, said:

“Sports are a big part of people’s lives and pop culture. Our take on an NBA basketball game starts with an exciting one-on-one game and expands from there to include key elements of basketball culture, including music, fashion, sneakers and more, all integrated into real-world locations ”.

The main features of the game

  • Explore the world: The game invites users to go out and explore the real world to discover NBA players to compete against and to recruit to their roster, as well as Accessories and clothing, Power-ups, Challenges and much more.
  • Create your own team of champions: Players can face off against today’s NBA stars in direct matches, complete challenges and recruit new players for their team. Already recruited NBA champions can improve their stats more and more and earn more credits through one-on-one challenges. Also as the team increases the recruitable players are always stronger.
  • Overcome your limits: Your team’s NBA stars have different upgradeable stats, such as Offense, Defense, and Fitness. Each user must ensure that the energy of their champions always stays high with energy drinks.
  • King of the court: Players through challenges can climb the leaderboard of over 100,000 basketball courts in the real world and earn first place, becoming the king of the court.
  • The style of the real world even in the virtual: At NBA All-World you can collect the rarest merchandise of some of the most famous and loved brands. Some special items are also able to improve the performance of NBA players, which can be customized with many sneakers and accessories.

For more information, you can consult the official site.

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