Lenovo expands the range of solutions for smart collaboration

Lenovo amplia la gamma di soluzioni per la smart collaboration

Lenovo’s ThinkSmart View Plus is a display with integrated Microsoft Teams to enable users to make the most of multiple collaboration features with a single unified video communications device. But the surprises don’t end there, let’s discover them together in this dedicated article

On the occasion ofInformation Systems Europe (ISE 2023) by BarcelonaLenovo introduces the brand new ThinkSmart View Plus con display Microsoft Teams, collaboration device equipped with premium audio, video and interactive whiteboard functions. This smart collaboration solution is perfect in hot desking systems, i.e. in work environments where workstations are not assigned, for call rooms, executive offices and home office environments. The new ones are added to the range of solutions for smart collaboration IP Controller e ThinkSmart One.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus

Even though the ways of working are constantly evolving, the ability to connect and concentrate remain of paramount importance. The innovative ThinkSmart View Plus with Microsoft Teams display is an efficient solution forhybrid workingto improve the productivity, flexibility and collaboration.

ThinkSmart View Plus is a device integrated with 27-inch multi-touch displaypremium quality video and audio, and built-in computing for highly effective productivity and collaboration.

Designed to improve productivity, it offers a personalized, secure and flexible experience thanks to the Microsoft Teams display, which allows access to chats, calendar and files of Teamsas well as attending meetings. When connected to the PC, it allows screen sharing to view content and speakers simultaneously. Also, the ThinkSmart View Plus can be used in monitor mode when connected to a PC via USB-C.

Lenovo expands the range of solutions for smart collaboration

ThinkSmart View Plus: funzioni per l’hot desking

Also equipped with functions forhot desking, that is, it allows you to quickly locate and book available workstations, to make calls, organize ad hoc meetings or access your personal Teams. Once signed in, you can move seamlessly from the home office to the real office in your work environment, without the need for complicated configurations and with a customized Teams experience. After logging out, the user’s personal information is removed from the device, avoiding security problems.

ThinkSmart View Plus enables workgroups to interact efficiently. With the presence of an stylus pen and the Microsoft Whiteboard application, users can work on particularly complex projects. Plus, they can hear and be heard more clearly, too, thanks to a premium soundbar with two 12-inch speakers 5W and an array of four microphones. The camera IRGB 4K with automatic framing and AI-supported security offers images crisp and clear.

In monitor mode, it allows for “comfortable” productivity, thanks to the ergonomic stand and the comfortable accommodation for the mobile phone in the holder. The device is also wall mountable VESA.

ThinkSmart View Plus utilizza System-on-Chip (SoC) Qualcomm QCS8250specially developed for applications IoT business and commercial of Qualcomm Technologies. The premium-end processor has been designed to provide maximum performance for camera and AI applications Edge computationally intensive and also supports the technology WiFi6.

Lenovo expands the range of solutions for smart collaboration

Statements by Shannon MacKay and Albert Kooiman

Shannon MacKayGeneral Manager of Lenovo’s Worldwide Smart Collaboration Business, said:

Our customers are looking for smart and flexible solutions that allow them to work better as a team in different working environments. ThinkSmart View Plus is designed with the features you need to increase worker productivity, innovation and satisfaction.

Albert KooimanSenior Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification di Microsoft, ha dichiarato:

In this time of hybrid working, customers need a solution designed to bring Microsoft Teams to hot desking and call room environments. Lenovo’s new ThinkSmart View Plus with Microsoft Teams display is perfect for these spaces and integrates with Lenovo’s Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions designed for larger meeting environments.

Like all Lenovo ThinkSmart meeting room products, the ThinkSmart View Plus also comes standard with three years of support Lenovo Premier Supportgiving the possibility to contact expert technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also includes one year of Lenovo value-added software and services. Between these:

  • ThinkSmart Professional Services: The implementation will help IT departments set up, configure and integrate each solution into existing unified communications platforms.
  • ThinkSmart Professional Services: maintenance will offer remote repair and technical support of ThinkSmart devices by Lenovo professional support engineers.
  • ThinkSmart Manager: is Lenovo’s collaboration management software suite. Maintaining effective collaboration means that technology must be always on, always connected, and easy to use. ThinkSmart Manager helps IT departments configure, monitor and manage the full range of Smart Collaboration solutions through a single intuitive interface.

Lenovo expands the range of solutions for smart collaboration

Lenovo: More and more Smart Collaboration solutions

Lenovo’s portfolio of smart collaboration solutions is constantly evolving, with new possibilities for improving connectivity between team members. A new controller for ThinkSmart Core and ThinkSmart One to optimize collaboration spaces. Elegant and sophisticated, with a high-end design, the new Lenovo IP controller is a display OFF over IP with pass HDMI featuring intuitive Ethernet (CAT5e) connectivity with PoE.

Particularly easy to install and usethe new controller allows installation of up to 100 meters from the PC without having to resort to extenders, complex installations or power at the table. The new Lenovo IP Controller addresses the growing demand for HDMI on table and PoE-enabled IP connectivity.

Lenovo expands the range of solutions for smart collaboration

ThinkSmart One

Introduced in 2022, ThinkSmart One, the first collaboration bar to the world with Windows, will be available starting from February 2023 in some selected markets. Designed for small to medium sized meeting rooms or dedicated home office spaces, the ThinkSmart One is powered by a processor 11th Generation Intel Core integrated with technology vPro.

Thanks to the presence of the most popular video conferencing applications, such as Microsoft Teams Rooms o Zoom Roomsa otto array of microphones with echo and noise cancellation, stereo speakers from 15 Watt and a built-in high-resolution camera with wide field of view, ThinkSmart One offers you an exceptional audio-visual experience.

Prices and availability

ThinkSmart View Plus will be available in some markets EMEA starting from mid-2023, from €2,370 (excluding VAT). ThinkSmart One and the controller are already available in Italystarting from 2.969€ (excluding VAT). Lenovo ThinkSmart One with IP Controller will be available in select EMEA markets from April 2023, from €3,434 (excluding VAT).

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