Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: that’s why it will only be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

The developers of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora spoke in an interview about the technical advancement allowed by PS5 and Xbox Series X

Most of the games coming out right now are titles cross-gen, as is usually the case in console generation transition periods, and will likely continue to do so for at least another year or so, if not longer. When Avatar for Ubisoft: Frontiers of Pandora it will be launched next year, however, it will not be released for PS4 and Xbox One but only on PS5 e Xbox Series X e S. According to its developers at Ubisoft Massive, who recently spoke to IGN’s virtual microphones, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will leverage the hardware of the new consoles to do something that would be impossible on last-gen. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: the title is ready to bring out the best from PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

For one thing, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, the title intended only for PS5 e Xbox Series X e S, PC and Stadia places great emphasis on flight in the open world, which is technically something very challenging. Creative director Magnus Jansén talked about the possibility of adding extra details to environments even at a distance, rather than just objects that are at close range:

The new consoles have allowed us]to have much better detail of objects up close, but also when flying in the air, for an impactful glance and long distance rendering. We can even use ray tracing to cast shadows far away, you know, three or four kilometers away from you

Meanwhile, the technical director of programming, Nikolay Stefanov, explained that also be able to transmit data at high speeds to keep up with the pace at which players will move around the world is essential:

You are flying at tremendous speeds on a Banshee over this very, very detailed landscape. It doesn’t matter how much we can render, unless we can broadcast it fast when we move very fast from one place to another. So, just this move to these new hard drives, cannot be underestimated because it really has many implications.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: that's why it will only be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

The developers also explained that working exclusively with the new hardware allowed them to design the game’s open world differently as well. No longer limited by old constraints, Ubisoft Massive attempted to create a more organic world. Jansén said: “With old hard drives, they had to be spaced a lot [l’uno dall’altro], because you had to stream the old and the new, so that just created a stereotypical world. So, there was a lot of pretty repetitive stuff in this genre. “

Additionally, Ubisoft Massive is also implementing changes and improvements to theartificial intelligenceee in interactions with NPC and the in-game creatures that take advantage of the most powerful hardware of the new consoles:

The wildlife, the artificial intelligence, the way they follow you, the way they attack you, the technological advancements and the way we are harnessing the power with our internal Snowdrop engine allow us to do amazing things that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. For large creatures, whenever they are calm, they would obviously walk around trees and things like that. But when they flee, or attack you, or whatever, they will go straight through the bamboo and other vegetation and destroy it completely. I think it’s really cool to be able to see all of these effects NPCs have on the environment, as well as your interaction effect with the environment.

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