Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man Gallery Diorama review

In this review we will analyze in detail the statue based on Avengers: Endgame “Quantum Realm Ant-Man Gallery Diorama” by Diamond Select Toys!

We have come to an end for our first triptych of reviews regarding the statues of Diamond Select Toys. Starting with “The Mandalorian First Gallery Diorama” and then continuing with the “Rescue Gallery Diorama”, the statue protagonist of this analysis also belongs to the record film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Small as an ant, but essential as never before, Ant-Man comes to life in this one 1: 7 scale representation (or 1: 1… it depends on the moment). Let’s find out if this “Quantum Realm Ant-Man Gallery Diorama”Sourced from Avengers: Endgame and produced by Diamond Select convinced us, through our detailed images and opinions featured in this review.

The packaging

Here we are faced with a package completely identical to the one that contained the Rescue diorama. Absolutely in pendant with the figures inside, also here the tones of the box resume those of the quantum suit worn by Ant-Man, Tony Stark, Captain America and several Avengers in the latest Marvel cinematic crossover. Given the pose of the figures, this package has a small size. In fact, we are talking about a height that reaches only 22cm, 18.5cm deep and 19.4cm wide

On the front we find the window from which our Ant-Man can be seen, as well as the name of the collection “Gallery Diorama” and of the figure in question. The two sides have other showcases in transparent plastic, as well as the upper side. On the back we find instead a ‘image of the diorama with a brief biography of the character in English. The bottom has a black color and has some logos and wordings of the case.

The blister that protects the statue is removable both from the bottom and from the top once we remove the security seals. Unlike the two Diamond Select dioramas analyzed previously, here the blister sections were stuck together (as it should normally be), canceling the “statue slipping danger” that had made us tremble so much in the past.

In addition to the diorama, the package includes a small leaflet contained in a plastic bag, which verifies the authenticity of the product.

Composition of the statue – Review Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man Gallery Diorama

In case you are an Ant-Man fan or want an Avengers: Endgame statue, but your library space is limited, this diorama is for you. Despite being in scale 1: 7, in fact, Scott is represented in a crouched pose. This allows you to own a collector’s item from size not exaggerated, without giving up an impact aesthetic in our showcase.

This PVC statue is indeed 15.5cm high, about 11.3cm wide e deep solo 14,5cm. Despite being practically as tall as most of the action figures belonging to the Black Series collection, we assure you that the glance is totally different. Positioned on a base that emulates a metal floor, Ant-Man is crouched, with one hand touching the ground and the other exposing the travel device in time in plain sight.

If looked at in detail, we realize how both the hand and the knee are not really resting on the base. To support the statue are only the feet welded to it. If we don’t consider the basis, our miniature Ant-Man measures 13.5cm high, 10.3cm deep and approximately 13cm wide.

Although even here we are faced with an “empty” support in the lower part, everything is really stable. The pose of the figure allows this diorama to be well balanced and the total weight only confirms our thinking. Despite its size, in fact, the Ant-Man Gallery Diorama weighs 298 grams of pure PVC.

The sculpt – Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man Gallery Diorama review

The model of Joe Allard used by the sculptor Rocco Tartamella to create this figure is really beautiful. The details on the quantum suit are numerous. In addition to the various lines and sections that are easily visible, the statue is full of very pleasant minutiae. If observed closely, we will be able to see textures differenti in the various sections.

Some parts such as the gloves, the inner sections of the arms and legs, segments on the abdomen and not only, have a striped pattern. Throughout the weave, however, there are other patterns visible. In portions where the PVC is completely smooth, in fact, there are others with a very light diamond pattern.

The helmet is the real spearhead of the sculpture. Although in the film, Scott wears the “quantum” helmet with the aforementioned suit, in this diorama he is represented with his helmet by Ant-Man. Between the various grooves the antennas emerge, made of a softer plastic. Again, the entire helmet is not polished, but offers rough parts to emulate the metallic “perforated” effect of the original helmet.

About the proportions, these seemed to us completely correct and, in general, the model is very similar (in pose and build) to the MCU’s Ant-Man.

The painting – Avengers: Endgame Ant-Man Gallery Diorama review

And here we are at the painting of this Ant-Man Gallery Diorama. One of the most critical points that made, in our opinion, the Pepper Pots figure present in the Rescue Gallery Diorama not very faithful to the character of the film were the color tones used.

The quantum suite is characterized by a gray tending to blue. Various black and red details, then, enrich the geometric details of this suit. The painting is not entirely regular. There are indeed black paint applications to emulate shades / dirt, particularly on arms and boots. While most of the armor sees a matte paint application, some spots (like the gloves) enjoy slightly shiny details.

The helmet is distinguished by a silver and matte finish. Although the same shade has been used throughout the helmet, the variations present on the PVC make this part more dynamic. Here too we find the black and red details, just like the lenses, where a slightly pearly paint was used. The base is really well painted. With various shades of color, the visual effect is great. The bronzed outline, then, only enriches this diorama.

With fewer smears of color than other figures in this collection, the Ant-Man Gallery Diorama surprised us. The only flaws are, for us, some colors a little different from the original model which inspires it. We are talking above all about the suit, of which the main color had to tend more to white. Furthermore base, in our opinion, it could be more dynamic and make this diorama worthy of the name.

Let’s sum it up

This time, Diamond Select Toys did not disappoint! With the Ant-Man Gallery Diorama belonging to Avengers: Endgame he made a splash. All fans of the ant-man or who, for the sake of completeness, want a piece of the MCU at a low cost, is satisfied.

To buy this statue at a discounted price of € 53.99, you can click here!

As always, we thank Diamond Select for providing us with this figure. Reminding you to keep following the pages of Nerd Stuff for more reviews from the world of collecting, and much more, we inform you that everything is at techgameworld.com!

Points in favor

  • Perfect size for those with space problems
  • Excellent model and sculpture
  • Different paints used
  • PVC texture different from point to point
  • Beautiful shades, especially on the base

Points against

  • Slightly different colors from those in the film
  • Less “diorama” and more “statue”
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