AVM announces FRITZ! DECT 500, the new lamp from FRITZ!

AVM has announced the availability on the Italian market of FRITZ! DECT 500, the new LED lamp by FRITZ! available both colored and white

It has finally arrived on the Italian market FRITZ!DECT 500, the new LED lamp intelligent colored and white light from AVM. FRITZ! DECT 500 supports the standard DECT ULE for Smart Home and can be easily integrated into the FRITZ! at the push of a button. The FRITZ! DECT 500 lamp is ccompatible with E27 sockets, currently very widespread. FRITZ! DECT 500 is available at a suggested retail price of € 39.99 VAT included.

The new AVM lamp is suitable for every situation

Thanks to the wide spectrum of colors and the extraordinary brightness, the new LED lamp from AVM allows you to choose the right light for every circumstance. A wide range of colors and white light in varying degrees of heat are available. Plus, thanks to intelligent lighting control, it’s possible adjust the brightness thus adapting it to different situations. Below you will find some of the main features by FRITZ! DECT 500:

  • LED lamp with white and colored light
  • Full range of colors for personalized lighting
  • Perfect light in all circumstances
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Possibility to change color and adjust the brightness via FRITZ! App, FRITZ! Fon, PC, notebook or tablet
  • Automatic or manual switching on and off
  • Automatic updates with new features
  • Standard wireless DECT ULE

AVM announces FRITZ! DECT 500, the new lamp from FRITZ!

The FRITZ! DECT 500 lamp it can also be managed in various ways: by setting a time program, via FRITZ! Fon or via FRITZ! OS (starting from version 7.20). in addition, FRITZ! App Smart Home allows you to remotely manage devices connected to the network: a real control center for the Smart Home.

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