AVM launches FRITZ! Box 7590 AX: top of the range for wireless networks

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Thanks to the new Wi-Fi 6, AVM’s FRITZ! Box 7590 AX Edition International enables an ultra-fast Wi-Fi network in the local network. The new Wi-Fi 6 standard (wireless AX) becomes even faster and more efficient

The new router is called FRITZ! Box 7590 AX, able to easily manage multiple parallel applications such as 4K streams, video conferences and cloud applications. Equipped with the most modern implementation of the VDSL which allows speeds up to 300 Mbit/s. Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0 it’s the base DECT for cordless telephony and Smart Home applications complete the wide range of communication options in the local network. FRITZ!Box 7590 AX Edition International is available for a suggested retail price of 319,99 € VAT included.

AVM launches FRITZ! Box 7590 AX: top of the range for wireless networks

FRITZ! Box 7590 AX Edition: for an unlimited Wi-Fi network

Besides smartphone, notebook, TV e game consolemore and more appliances and smart home devices are designed for Wi-Fi connections – ideal for Wi-Fi 6. By reducing latency times and using the new modulation method OFDMA with QAM-1024, Wi-Fi 6, it ensures higher efficiency, faster speeds and better Wi-Fi coverage in the home. The FRITZ! Box 7590 AX, with a total of 2,400 Mbit / s (5 GHz) and 1,200 Mbit / s (2.4 GHz), enables the various devices in the Wi-Fi network to always benefit from maximum performance. As the hub of the Mesh Wi-Fi network, it guarantees the best Wi-Fi quality in the entire local network.

The Wi-Fi Mesh network combines the wireless nodes distributed in the network (for example, a FRITZ! Box and several FRITZ! Repeaters) into a single intelligent Wi-Fi network. The FRITZ! Box 7590 AX forms the control center (Mesh master) and controls all other active access points so that the wireless devices used in the local network are always connected to the access point with the best connection. Mobile wireless devices can automatically switch between access points without disconnections.

AVM launches FRITZ! Box 7590 AX: top of the range for wireless networksFRITZ!Box 7590 AX Edition: telefonia, multimedia e smart home

Base DECT integrated controls smart home devices such as the FRITZ! DECT 210 smart socket and the FRITZ! DECT 500 LED light. Two analog telephones and up to six telephones can be registered on the integrated switchboard. cordless DECT. Through the Wi-Fi network and the FRITZ!App FON it is also possible to transform smartphones into real landline / VoIP telephones. Various integrated answering machines, local and online directories and countless comfort functions complete the wide range. The FRITZ! Box 7590 AX thanks to the media server and functionality IN THE integrated allows sharing in the local network of all films, music and images stored with special readers such as smart TV e smartphone. Thus becoming a powerful platform for networked multimedia applications such as IPTV, Video on Demand O 4K streaming.

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