Italy looks suspiciously at Kaspersky antivirus

L'Italia guarda con sospetto l'antivirus Kaspersky thumbnail

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is beginning to make itself felt in Italy as well. Given the cyber attacks launched by the Russians against the Ukrainians – and not only -, our country has chosen to run for cover in a completely preventive manner, putting in place a series of measures to defend itself from Russian hackers. Franco Gabrielli, Undersecretary of the Prime Minister with responsibility for national security, has in fact announced that l’antivirus Kaspersky could represent a threat to the Italian administration. Therefore, he decided to dispose of it.

Kaspersky: Italy wants to discontinue antivirus to defend the Administration from Russian hackers

The war on Russia is being fought everywhere and on all fronts, especially the IT one. In these days, in fact, Italy has decided to implement a series of preventive measures to defend itself from any Russian cyber attacks. Between these, the possible dismissal of Kaspersky. The announcement was made by Franco Gabrielli, who spoke publicly about “antivirus systems produced by the Russians and used by our public administrations that we are verifying and planning to dispose of, to prevent them from becoming an attack tool. It is the fifth sector of possible conflict after sky, earth, sea and space “.

A decision that does not appear at all isolated, given that even theNetherlands and the Germany have decided to suspend the antivirus. In particular, the German security agency BSI has publicly stated fears that Russian authorities may put pressure on Kaspersky to create backdoors for independent and state-sponsored cybercriminals. Not surprisingly, he strongly suggested “Replace the Russian Kaspersky antivirus“. On the other hand, the President of Copasir also shares the same opinion Adolfo Urso, who fears that the system could act as a “Trojan horse” for Russian hackers interested in hitting the Italian administration. Therefore, it is clear that all appropriate measures must be taken. After all, “it has been highlighted in several documents that Russia is the most significant country in the world in terms of cyber warfare”.