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AVM: New FRITZ!OS 7.50 update released today

AVM announces the FRITZ!OS 7.50 update that makes the digital home faster and smarter. Over 150 new features and improvements including better performing “Mesh Wi-Fi”, VPN connections with WireGuard and blocking unknown calls

AVM today released FRITZ!OS 7.50 (here to visit the site), a major update with over 150 new features and useful improvements for all FRITZ! The new free update simplifies setting up fast VPN connections, makes the Smart Home even more versatile, allows you to block unwanted calls and offers greater performance for the Wi-Fi network. The FRITZ!Box menu has been redesigned, making it even more intuitive to use. FRITZ!OS 7.50 offers numerous advantages to the digital home and greater security and stability for all FRITZ! products.

Update of AVM FRITZ!OS 7.50

FRITZ!OS 7.50 from AVM is now available for the FRITZ!Box 7590. The update will gradually be rolled out to other current FRITZ!Box models, FRITZ!Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline products. The FRITZ! apps are already prepared for the new features of the FRITZ!OS. Users can update to FRITZ!OS 7.50 by clicking on “Start update” in the “” user interface or automatically if the automatic update function is activated. Further information on all new functions and innovations can be found at

AVM: New FRITZ!OS 7.50 update released today

Better performance for Mesh Wi-Fi

Along with Smart Repeating, FRITZ!OS 7.50 enhances the performance of the Mesh Wi-Fi in the home network FRITZ!. Users who use a FRITZ!Repeater or a FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater benefit from higher data transmission speeds and more stable Wi-Fi connections. With the new FRITZ!OS version, both frequency bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) are used even more dynamically for an optimal connection between the FRITZ!Box and the Mesh Repeater.

There is also support for the WireGuard VPN protocol, which makes establishing secure internet connections to the FRITZ!Box home network even easier. For example, when you work from home or want to access your home network while travelling. With the new WireGuard Assistant integrated in the FRITZ!Box, you can set up encrypted connections on your smartphone, notebook or PC in no time, using the WireGuard app via QR code or software. The previous VPN protocol for the FRITZ!Box, IPSec, has also been updated to support both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

Handling calls easily: FRITZ!Fon learns to speak

The FRITZ!Fon receives a new appointment calendar and learns to speak. With the new “Voice” ringtone, the FRITZ!Fon can now inform you about calls from stored contacts or calendar entries with announcements such as “Call from Claudia” or “Exit now to go to the station”. Even the management of unwanted calls becomes easier: the phonebook can use an “allow list”, so unwanted calls from contacts not included in the phonebook can be blocked or diverted to voicemail. The use of online telephone directories has also been improved.

FRITZ!OS 7.50 makes the FRITZ! Smart Home even more versatile. Thanks to the “scenario” function, it is now possible to call up a number of different actions in the Smart Home at the same time. For example, with the “Go home” scenario, the LED lights, smart plugs, Wi-Fi and/or Wi-Fi for guests and the answering machine can be switched on at the same time. The new routine features ensure that devices, scenarios and models are started automatically with an if-then connection.

AVM: New FRITZ!OS 7.50 update released today

Fair distribution of bandwidth in the home network and increased security

Streaming, browsing, gaming and smart working: there are many applications that use the Internet connection at the same time. With FRITZ!OS 7.50, the FRITZ!Box on DSL connections can optimally distribute data packets to all devices, both in the home and guest network. This way each user automatically gets the best connection. The update also optimizes the use of USB storage media and brings a number of improvements in the area of ​​security, such as further protection against potential DNS server failures on the Internet.

FRITZ!OS 7.50 also renews the design of the user interface, making it even easier. The overview page guides users step by step. Find out how to use FRITZ! inside the menu it’s even easier, you can get tips and instructions directly from the new online help, complete with keyword search.

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