Future Apple chips will be made in the USA

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Apple chips will be, at least in part, manufactured in the USA. In fact, the construction of the new TSMC plant in Arizona which will go into operation in 2024 after then maxi investment of 12 billion dollars. The plant will produce 4-nanometer chips and Apple will be one of the first customers to exploit these chips.

Apple’s 4nm chips will also be produced in the USA

TSMC is finalizing the production lines for the making 4 nm chips (and not at 5 nm as previously revealed). Apple will be among the main customers and could be the first company to receive TSMC’s “American” chips. As previously anticipated, production should start during 2024 when, probably, 5nm chips will be considered obsolete. According to the first rumors, Apple should receive about a third of the chips made by TSMC in the US.

The first precise and official information regarding the timing of the realization of the new Apple chips from TSMC will arrive over the next few months. The Taiwanese manufacturer, a real leader in the chip market, is still finalizing the activities for completing the construction of the plant in Arizona. Already in 2023, however, more precise details should emerge.

The debut of the first Apple products with 4nm chips made in the USA is probably set for the end of 2024.

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