Avowed: release date in 2023? Here is the rumor

Avowed: ecco nuovi dettagli impressionanti sul nuovo gioco Obsidian thumbnail

The expected and for now still rather mysterious Avowedcurrently in development at the studios of Obsidian, does not yet have an official release date. However, some insiders seem to have very clear ideas about when the game might hit store shelves; in particular Jez Corden of Windows Central has shared some statements on the subject during the past few hours.

Avowed: here are the first rumors about the release date

According to the well-known insider, Obsidian should opt for a time window between the first and second quarter of 2023, without giving too much away as far as a more precise release date is concerned. Theoretically, therefore, we are referring to a time span lasting six months, which gives us a preliminary idea of ​​where the work on the game should be at the moment.

About this, Avowed has totally disappeared immediately after its presentation, although the developers have already stated that the game would already be in an intermediate stage of development. It is therefore unclear why the marketing campaign has completely stopped but it would not be strange to see a great return of the game over the next few months.

At the moment, however, we only have a small teaser available and confirmation that the title should be developed on Unreal Engine 5. Some industry insiders have outlined the game as a kind of Skyrim with a deeper level of interaction with the gameplay, but it’s not clear what this actually means.

In short, to find out more we will have to wait for official statements from the software house, which we hope will not be long in coming. In the meantime we can only imagine that Obisidian has experienced slowdowns in development, probably due to the pandemic.