Avowed skips E3 2021?

According to some recent rumors it seems that Avowed, the new work of Obsidian Entertainmente, could skip the appointment of E3 2021

In full respect of tradition, the closer we get toE3 2021 and the more the rumors relating to the various games that should be the protagonists of the event tend to increase. This time it’s the turn of Avowed, the new RPG developed by the guys of Obsidian Entertainment, which according to what the new rumors report, seems to be one of the possible absent from the event. An absence that, if confirmed, would certainly not make the happiness of all those waiting for the game, of which at the moment only very little information has been released.

Could Avowed not be present at E3 2021?

To throw gasoline on the fire regarding the alleged absence of the Obsidian game during the’Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which we remind you to be scheduled for next June 13th, is the usual Jeff Grubb, a generally reliable source in this sense. The news, however, is not confirmed by other insiders, according to whom the Avowed’s presence would be confirmed, combined with the presentation of a dedicated trailer.

Avowed skips E3 2021?

To confirm the words of Grubb, however, the insider thought about it Nate Drake, that’s on ResetEra he would have considered the news in the possession of the reporter for GamesBeat definitely updated and reliable. He also added that the whole thing was originally planned as an appointment of theE3 2021, therefore the new RPG of the team could be presented not too far in time, always on the occasion of a signed event Microsoft.

Obviously, when it comes to news that has not been officially confirmed by those directly involved, our advice is always to take these statements with all the necessary precautions. What is certain is that, given the number of internal studies now under Microsoft, the upcoming conference should certainly not be stingy with announcements. That we at TechGameWorld.com will not fail to bring you back.

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