Award-winning FUJIFILM X-H2S and H-X2 cameras: here are all their features

Premiate le camere FUJIFILM X-H2S e H-X2: ecco tutte le loro caratteristiche thumbnail

2022 was a successful year for FUJIFILM, which presented three flagship models X-H2S, X-H2 and X-T5. And they are X-H2S won the “Product of the Year 2022” award from DP Review and H-X2 won the “CineD’s Mirrorless Camera of the Year 2022” award.

FUJIFILM X-H2S e H-X2, i premi

FUJIFILM X-H2S è stata premiata come “Product of the Year 2022” Award da DP Review.

X-H2S is a video camera composed of a technology Stacked CMOS which is the basis of a number of fast-action cameras in recent years. The Japanese company has been able to use the fast sensor to provide information to a series of AF algorithms set up to recognize subjects, it has cleverly raised the bar in terms of video.

Not only that: the video specifications of X-H2S they build on what FUJIFILM began with the X-T4, adding very high bitrate ProRes recording. On top of this is adding the F-Log2 profilewhich encodes a wider dynamic range, plus the camera’s ability to shoot in 14-bit mode to enhance deep shadow noise.

FUJIFILM H-X2 was awarded “CineD’s Mirrorless Camera of the Year” by CineD.

H-X2 is the perfect camera for indoor recording up to 8K ProRes HQ and a 40.2 MP sensor, this one mirrorless meets the needs of professional content creators. It is flexible when it comes to recording formats and resolutions, meeting the final output needs of its clients.

Nonetheless, when it comes to value for money, is one of the best products out there. The FUJIFILM X-H2 is an all-rounder camera for us at CineD. It’s like having a “Swiss army knife” at your disposal.

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