Three books to be released in January 2023

Tre libri in uscita a gennaio 2023

A selection of three of the books among the various titles due out in January 2023, to start the new year in the best possible way and with many, satisfying readings

December and 2022 are coming to a close, and for the readers comes the time of balance sheets: how many books have you read and which ones would you like to read, which ones were the best and which ones were the worst? Everyone draws his own conclusions, we have only one certainty: the literary panorama will not leave us hungry even next year! So here are three books due out in January 2023 that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. If, on the other hand, you wanted to know what consumer choices were this year, here is the list of the 10 best-selling books in 2022.

Of our best by Carmela Scotti | Books out January 2023

Carmela Scotti tells us about a story that involves a mother and daughterand the difficulty of becoming an adult when one has not even learned to be a child. Our best tells of a difficult bond between a little girl and her mother, of a stolen childhood from which to build the identity of an adult, and of the loss of a father. Scotti offers us a novel linked to the power and pitfalls of the memory and gods memories, on how “facts” and “truth” almost never coincide and how, right in the groove between the two, a future can blossom. Our Best is out in bookstores and online starting in January 27, 2023.

Hunger for air by Daniele Mencarelli

From January 17, 2023Mencarelli will tell us about Peter Borzacchitraveling with his son Jacopo, and their automotive misfortune in the middle of nowhere, which will take them to the village of Sant’Anna del Sannio. Time seems to have stopped in the town and there is no possible future nearby, a fate shared with many small towns in the Italian province. To help Agata, the lady who will give hospitality to the two unfortunates, is in the bar that she manages Gaia, with a beautiful smile that does justice to its name. In this novel, together with the theme of the family, there is also that of lack of love, of human feelings that still try to resist in this society.

The second floor by Ritanna Armeni | Books coming out January 2023

This book by Ritanna Armeni takes us back in time, precisely during the Second World War, in a suburban Roman convent where Franciscan women live. In this already tragic context, Sister Ignatia and her sisters find themselves in a surreal situation: if on the ground floor of their convent they host a young German nurse, on the upper floors they hide Jewish families instead, in the hope of saving them from deportation after miraculously surviving the roundup of the Rome ghetto. A story that leaves you breathless, and that will probably keep us all glued to the pages starting from its release on January 10, 2023.

Whether your year has been filled with reading or you’ve opted for the philosophy of few but goodwe wish you a happy New Yearhoping that 2023 is full of beautiful books that make you emotional.