Azeron Cyborg, la tastiera next generation in arrivo a settembre thumbnail

Azeron Cyborg, the next generation keyboard coming in September

Azeron Cyborg, the next generation keyboard coming in September thumbnail

Azeron announced his new tastiera next generation, the Cyborg, arriving at September 2021. The keyboard is currently available for the pre-order: let’s find out all the details together.

Azeron Cyborg arrives in September 2021

The tnext generation Azeron Cyborg rod increases the quality in the field of gaming, with unprecedented adjustment and exceptional comfort. Azeron’s new creation boasts a even deeper adjustment that allows you to play with unparalleled comfort. Cyborg is characterized by a redesigned layout of 24 O 29 programmable keys with a duration of 10 million clicks and a form advanced 360 thumbstick (2 possible versions) for incredible comfort.

Button towers can be tilted upwards so you don’t have to reach for any buttons, they’re right at your fingertips. This way you can play in the the way you prefer, with comfort and simplicity. Button towers can also be inclined sideways, so that it aligns perfectly with your fingers.

The modulo Thumbstick can be adjusted as you like: it can be raised higher or lower or even tilted at a slight angle. If you choose the module with switch a 5 life, keep in mind that the switch position can be adjusted.

The modules for the Thumbstick are as follows:

  • Clean-looking thumbstick module with larger adjustment movements;
  • Thumbstick with a 5-way switch to get the maximum number of buttons available for your shortcuts.

Furthermore, the Azeron team has revealed that they have redesigned the layout of the buttons to offer players comfort, maximum reach and also to reduce stress on the arms during long sessions. Azeron Cyborg is currently available for pre-order. Azeron has revealed that shipments will depart in September 2021. For more information you can consult the official website.

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