Seer is the protagonist of the new Apex Legends trailer

Seer è il protagonista del nuovo trailer di Apex Legends thumbnail

A new trailer from Apex Legends showing Seer, the new Legend of Apex Games. Let’s find out all the details together. Below we present the official trailer.

The new Apex Legends trailer shows us Seer

Since its inception, it has been believed that Obi Edolaism was cursed: for this reason he has always been treated as an outcast. His family, confident that he had unique potential, raised him first as artist and now how Legend.

With the help of his micro drones, this ambush artist identifies opportunities that other legends may miss and seizes them in the best way.

Starting tomorrow, August 3, Seer will become the 18th Legend of the Apex Games. Now the list of characters, as you can see, is more than doubled compared to that of the time of launch, which included 8 Legends. In the video above, see how this champion, endowed with the abilities typical of the outcast, uses them to stalk enemies like an elegant predator.

Instead, below we report the main features of the character.

  • Passive: King of Hearts – Hear and visualize enemies within 75 meters when using the scope;
  • Tactics: Center of Attention – Summons micro-drones to cause a delayed blast that goes through walls stopping and revealing enemies;
  • Ultimate: Exposure – Create a sphere of micro drones that can reveal the position of enemies, which move quickly or shoot with weapons inside.

Apex Legends: Ribalta and Seer will be available starting August 3 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. Along with the character will also be introduced classified arenas, the new rolling arena maps, the new Rampage LMG e Borders of the World destroyed.

For more information on the title, you can consult the official website.