Baby Monitor BM300, il dispositivo per tenere sempre vicino il proprio bambino thumbnail

Baby Monitor BM300, the device to always keep your baby close

Proscenica leading company in the field of smart appliances designed to help families improve their comfort and quality of life, presents the new Baby Monitor BM300which gives parents complete peace of mind in keeping an eye on their children.

Baby Monitor BM300, no more worries for parents

The Proscenic BM300 Baby Monitor has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and safetythanks to his advanced technology and numerous control functions. With a telecamera HD from 1080p and a large 5-inch screen, it’s possible observe every little movement and expression in a vivid and detailed wayeven during the night, thanks to the night vision function which avoids disturbing the child.

The interference-free OFDM technology ensures excellent stability and security during video transmission, with a range up to 300 meters outdoors, thus allowing you to move freely within your home and monitor your child in any area. In addition, connection to up to 4 cameras at the same time allows you to monitor different rooms.

Baby Monitor BM300 bambino

The BM300 Baby Monitor also features a two-way audio function, an integrated temperature sensor, a reproduction of “lullabies” and baby crying alerts, ensuring maximum attention and care for the little one. There rechargeable battery 3600 mAh offers a duration of up to 12 hours in ECO mode, ensuring a long usage time.

Also, the point-to-point encrypted technology and local storage eliminate the risk of unauthorized access, protecting your child’s privacy and ensuring secure monitoring. The BM300 is easy to set up and ready to use right out of the box, giving parents complete peace of mind and security when monitoring their children.

Price and where to find it

The Proscenic BM300 Baby Monitor is on sale on the official Amazon webshop, if you apply a 40€ coupon, the final price is 119€.

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