Chat GPT-4: ecco tutte le novità

GPT-4 chat: here’s all the news

OpenAI has recently presented the new Chat GPT-4, full of news and amazing functions, make yourself comfortable and let’s discover them all

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, based on the architecture GPT-3.5. It uses machine learning to generate consistent text, both a brief that a long term, in response to various questions or user input. ChatGPT has extensive knowledge on various topics, including science, technology, art, culture, and many more. Thanks to its ability to learn from data and continually adapt to user input, ChatGPT represents one innovative solution for communication between machines and people. Chat has been released in recent weeks GPT-4, the new frontier of the AI.

GPT-4 chat: here's all the news

GPT-4 Chat: What’s new?

ChatGPT 4 is the latest version of the server virtual of writing, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate text automatically and naturally. Thanks to the use of advanced language models, ChatGPT 4 is able to process the context and produce answers that are even more coherent and precise than the previous versions. Also, the new version offers more options customization and a major flexibility in interacting with users, making the writing experience even more intuitive e satisfying. ChatGPT 4 also supports many different languages ​​and offers new features for generating creative text, making it an increasingly versatile and powerful tool for needs Of writing Of professionals e passionate.

Below we wanted to concentrate what seem to us to be the fundamental points of this new AI:

  • Ability to generate even more natural and consistent content thanks to the use of more advanced language models than previous versions.
  • Improvements in context processing, which allow a ChatGPT 4 to better understand the meaning of a sentence or an entire text.
  • GPT-4 is able to solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, due to its broader general knowledge and skills problem solving.
  • Ability to further customize responses by ChatGPT 4 by adding contextual information or specific instructions.
  • Greater flexibility in managing requests of the users, with the ability to use multiple inputs and to combine different modes of interaction.
  • Support for a wide gamma Of languages, including many non-Latin languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • New features for creative text generation, such as writing poetry and creating interactive stories.
  • Improvements in the efficiency and speed of processing emails requests of users, thanks to the use of techniques Of optimization of the model.

GPT-4 chat: here's all the news

A DEMO version available | GPT-4 chat

Reg Brockmanthe co-founder and president of OpenAI, recently shared a demonstration video to show potential users some of the possible application scenarios of GPT-4. In the video, Brockman demonstrates how you can create an outline by hand on a planner, snap a picture of it, and send it to GPT-4 as input, which is also able to process images. Model will analyze il content image and turn it into a working website, implementing exactly what the user imagined on paper. This example demonstrates the wide range Of possible uses of this technology and how OpenAI considers this tool as a facilitator for innovators’ ideas.

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