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Babylon’s Fall: trailer for the fights and info for Season 1

Square Enix has released a new trailer dedicated to the fights of Babylon’s Fall, as well as unveiling the plans for Season 1 and the collaboration with Nier: Automata

There are a few hours left until the release of the demo per PlayStation Of Babylon’s Fall (as we had already anticipated), which will be available starting from tomorrow, February 25th. And to celebrate the event, Square Enix has released a new trailer dedicated to fights that will characterize the branded production Platinum Games. Furthermore, i Season 1 details of the game, as well as confirming one cooperation with the much appreciated and celebrated Nier: Automatanot surprisingly the son of a collaboration between the publisher and the team.

Babylon’s Fall: fighting videos and Season 1 details

The video in question, which as always found in the news, showcases some of the game mechanicswhich allow you to wield weapons in both hands and use the Gideon Coffin to equip two additional spectral weapons. The four-weapon system guarantees an infinite number of ways in regards to the customization of the fighting experience.

The trailer was also accompanied by the action plan related to Babylon’s Fall Season 1. The season in question will kick off at the launch of the title, and will keep us company until May 31st, thanks to new game modes, a new faction, a new weapon type, new story content, new bosses, new armor, new missions and more. Recall that the Premium Battle Pass will be free for all players during Season 1. Furthermore, a collaboration with Nier: Automata.

Before saying goodbye, and renewing the invitation to stay in the company of, we remind you that from tomorrow February 25 you will be able to download the free demo of the Platinum Games title, which will give access to the initial section of the game, playable both alone and in co-op cross-play for four players. All progress and achievements will carry over to the full version of the game after the official launch on March 3rd.

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