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Back 4 Blood: here is the roadmap of all the free updates

The Back 4 Blood developers have released a roadmap with all the timing of the free updates and the Annual Pass.

Updates and Annual Pass: here is the whole Back 4 Blood zombie experience

Good news for lovers of Back 4 Blood: Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have in fact published the roadmap of the post-launch content of this cooperative first-person shooter in zombie sauce. The free updates on arrival they will understand an offline mode for single player, a new difficulty level and a new cooperative mode. But that’s not all: other innovations will see the introduction of new cards and a new type of cards, as well as new thematic seasonal events and much more.

The program also unveils the first expansion of the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, Tunnels of Terror. This will be available starting next year. Tunnels of Terror will add new content to the story, as well as new playable Exterminators and Haunted. And that’s not all: it’s coming too new types of activities, weapons, cards and exclusive skins. Further information will be announced later.

The Annual pass include Tunnels of Terror and two further expansions, and is available now for € 39.99 or as part of Back 4 Blood Deluxe Edition at € 99.99 e Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition (digital only) for € 109.99.

Here is the full list of free updates coming out:

  • Offline single player mode with campaign progress
  • New Supply Lines
  • Infested training area
  • Seasonal event for the holidays
  • New difficulty
  • New cooperative mode
  • New type of cards
  • New Player Cards and Corruption
  • Melee Updates
  • Various improvements and optimizations
  • Bug fixes

Back 4 Blood is a zombie first-person co-op shooter developed by the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead series and features a heart-pounding, dynamic and ever-changing gameplay system that allows customization of actions and offers high replay value. The story of Back 4 Blood is set after a catastrophic epidemic, during which most of humanity was wiped out or infected with a parasite called the Devil’s Worm. A group of veterans of the apocalypse, tempered by unspeakable events and ready to fight for the salvation of humanity, have adopted the name of Exterminators and have come together to fight the hideous Infested and regain control of the world.

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