Netflix testa un feed in stile TikTok per i bambini: Kids Clips thumbnail

Netflix tests a TikTok-style feed for kids: Kids Clips

The iOS app of Netflix start testing a TikTok-style feature for kids: Kids Clips. The interface, inspired by that of the social network TikTok o alle Instagram Reels, but using the smartphone horizontally instead of vertically, as is the case with the two social networks.

Netflix lancia Kids Clips, in stile TikTok

This novelty doesn’t exactly come out of nowhere. Last year Netflix had already tested a similar viewing and sharing mode, called Fast Laughs. It was used to promote Neflix content, in that case stand-up specials and comedy movies, with quick TikTok-style clips. But with Kids Clips Netflix is ​​aimed directly at the very young, who are more used to this method of sharing.

In the past, Netflix had already explained that his main rival they weren’t the various Disney + or Prime Videos, but TikTok. The company appears to be aiming to cover the short video market with more editorial content, rather than generated directly by users as in TikTok.


But Kids Clips isn’t meant to be a simple substitute for social media. As Bloomberg explains in his report, Netflix wants to limit viewing time. Thus responding to one of the main criticisms of social networks: they steal too much time, especially from the little ones. So boys and girls can watch 10 to 20 clips maximum in a single session (probably the number can be decided by the parents). A limitation that seems reasonable.

This week, the Kids Clip feature will arrive on Netflix’s iOS apps United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Latin American countries that speak Spanish. At the moment, we don’t know if and when the functionality will arrive in Italy. We will keep you informed.

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