Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel. Tips and strategies

If you are looking for an agile and versatile character and for your games, Gospel will surely be for you. Let’s see how to use Evangelo effectively in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood multiplayer is one of the funniest in recent times. Thanks to the coordination possibilities of the team and the numerous usable characters and builds, fun is guaranteed in every game. So do not miss the opportunity and go immediately in search of the Cleaner that is right for you. In this regard, if you have any doubts about how to use the character of Evangelo in Back 4 Blood and take advantage of yours features unique, keep reading this item.

A bizarre company

All the 8 characters main players of the game (i Cleaner) they have their own unique history and characterization. Their goal is to to free the world from the threat of Infested, humans transformed into zombies monstrous. Fully armed, Evangelo, Walker, Holly, Doc, Karlee and the other members of the gang, go to action on an adventure lethal. Unfortunately, in the beginning non you can immediately play with all 8 characters, as some they should be unlocked concluding the first chapter of history. However, it will be possible immediately play with Gospel, Walker, Holly and Mà. In case we choose Evangelo, we will have to be aware of yours features of combat. Let’s go to discover how to use the young gospel in multiplayer in Back4Blood.

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel.  Tips and strategies

Young but learning fast – Back 4 Blood: how to use Gospel to the fullest. Tips and strategies

The character of Evangelo is the new entry of the group. Given his young age, lacks thatexperience useful to survive in a world post apocalyptic, but its speed of learning it does not overshadow it to all others team characters. Gospel yes distinct for his versatility. From the speed of recovery of the stamina, to the increase of speed from movement of the team, up to the possibility of leaving the grab of enemies each 60 seconds. With this last feature you can remedy to any shortcomings in the communication of the team and avoid dead unwanted. Summarizing the main skills.

  • Ability to evade the enemy grabs faster than the others
  • Regeneration of the stamina faster than 25%
  • Effects on the team: speed movement of the team increased of the 5%

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel.  Tips and strategies

A machete to begin with – Back 4 Blood: how to best use the Gospel. Tips and strategies

The default weapon of Evangelo it’s a machete. The peculiarity of the character is that you can equip for him the weapon that favorite, or alternatively, to hold the initial machete. Nobody forbids you to opt for the weapon melee that best suits your style. Ideally, you can alternate more weapons light to take out more enemies vulnerable axes or hatchets to hit larger targets with critical points difficult to reach. Like second weapon, as mentioned above, you can potentially use any weapon you want. It depends on what you are most yours with ease. However, we recommend using pistol e weapons which are optimal for targets multiples and that as an effect disperse the crowd of enemies before you. To do this you can also use assault rifles O SMG.

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel.  Tips and strategies

Cards to equip – Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel. Tips and strategies

We come to the chapter menu. As said, the Gospel is rather strong in speed is in the recovery of the stamina. Therefore, the best cards with which to equip Gospel are the ones that allow you to improve his skills of speed and stamina. You can use any combination of the following cards to get good synergy and results thanks to its boost in stamina. Evangelo it can also make use of some boost concerning the melee, despite not being one of his priority “Roles”.

  • Reflex cards: Energy Drink – Rhythmic Breathing – Hitter – Cheeky – Drug Addict – Sprinting – Crazy Run – Super Cardio – Reckless – Dust Fire – Operation Rolling Thunder – Fast as Lightning – Hellfire – Evasion – Adrenaline Rush – Stimulants
  • Discipline Book: Biker Vest – Helmet – Cold Coffee – Crouched – Vanguard – Combat Knife
  • Vigor cards: Batting – Spikes – Resistant – Heavy Blows – Ignore Pain – Berserker – Grit – Scar – Thirst for Battle – Face your Fears – Clean Bandages – Strength and Endurance
  • Luck Cards: Wounded Animal – Robber – Run and Shoot

Back 4 Blood: how to best use Gospel.  Tips and strategies

The eternal struggle

So yes conclude our guide on how to use gospel in Back 4 Blood. As you have seen, Gospel is a somewhat handyman, its strengths are related to stamina and to speed of the team. If you decide to use another personage in your games, don’t worry, you can go to to look our guide each dedicated to a different character. Finally, we hope the title fits you liking. To read more opinions in-depth on the title, go and take a look at ours review. Recall that Back 4 Blood is available for console old gen, next gen e PC.

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