The Day Before: confirm the release date and available platforms

The Day Before, new zombie MMO, has just received confirmation of its release date, along with the platforms on which it will be available

Earlier this year, The Day Before game, developed by Fntastic together with publisher MyTona, was revealed to the public. This is a survival-based MMO in an America set up as a open world and dominated by zombies, after a deadly pandemic that led to a collapse of the general society. In the game, the survivors find themselves fighting each other over the few remaining resources. Already during the reveal it was possible to view the gameplay of the title, which gave numerous sensations similar to The Division. At that time, the platforms on which The Day Before was announced were limited to PC, and the release date was a vague “Q2”.

The release date and the platforms on which The Day Before will arrive

The Day Before has from the beginning caused a strong interest in the community of players due to its impressive graphics, and for the survival mechanics proposed within the game. Finally, the official date on which the game will be launched has been confirmed. Although it will apparently have to be delayed a few months, it will still arrive in the first half of 2022, and you can also see a new gameplay video of the game, shown exclusively by IGN.

In addition to the video and the date, further information regarding the gaming platforms has been revealed, revealing how The Day Before will not just arrive on PC, thus confirming a concurrent release also on the console of the latest generation, that is PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. The consoles PS4 and Xbox One have therefore been excluded. In fact, as early as March the developers had hinted at the possibility of an arrival of the title on these new platforms, but there had not been any official news yet. The Day Before will therefore arrive on June 21, 2022, on PC, Xbox Series S and X, and on PS5.

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