Back 4 Blood is out – here’s everything you need to know

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Developed by the guys at Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood is the spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead and is finally officially available. A sequel that comes after more than 13 years from the game that inspired it then, and that has the arduous task of picking up a much-loved saga making it modern and in step with the times. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this new shooter in cooperative and how the playful offer of Back 4 Blood is configured.

Back 4 Blood is available – that’s what it’s all about

As we said at the beginning, Back 4 Blood is at its base a cooperative shooter, which will allow us to choose our cleaner, or the character with whom we will face the adventure, to go and thin out the hordes of zombies and other infernal creatures that infest now all over the world. One of the points where the game deviates from its predecessor however is the card system.

In fact, in Back 4 Blood, before starting any type of game, the player is asked to set up his deck of cards, which will then allow us to count on a plethora of active and passive skills to be used later in battle. The effect that the cards can guarantee ranges from a rather large collection: ranging from classic parametric increases to damage, health and rate of fire up to team upgrades, which impact all party members.

Players will be able to easily immerse themselves in the various customization options of the card system to create a fully customized deck and face the adaptive AI known as Game Director, which analyzes every action from “behind the scenes” and responds accordingly, adding obstacles such as special mutations. Infested with card system modifiers called Corruption Cards.

This mechanic interfaces perfectly naturally with the game’s gameplay, which is nothing groundbreaking, but rather meant to be as fun as possible for users. In Back 4 Blood, in fact, all we have to do is reach a point on the map by exterminating as many zombie possible along the way; a simple idea, but incredibly effective, given the solidity of the gunplay.

A zombie for all tastes

How not to mention the zombies, real protagonists as much as the playable characters. Yes, because during our raids through the infected streets we will not only come across undead commoners, but we will also have to deal with real ones grotesque champions, like the Hocker or the Spy, the latter particularly irritating, as she will summon hordes of the undead if not killed right away.

Back 4 Blood disponibile

Sometimes we will also run into colossal enemies, such as the ogre, which if faced in small spaces has all the credentials to make us spend a bad quarter of an hour. Although the game cannot be considered difficult, the developers have specified that a minimum error is enough to make the hordes jump to our throats, creating a mix of adrenaline and strategy that makes the gameplay of this game lucky.

The multiplayer sector

As surely you have already guessed Back 4 Blood offers a rich cooperative multiplayer sector, but not only. The game in fact also allows you to play in PvP putting one of the two sides on the field in the role of the zombies. In these instances, users take on the role of special zombies, while the rest of the horde is controlled by artificial intelligence.

Back 4 Blood disponibile

The undead that can be played in these multiplayer games are the champions we mentioned above, like Tallboy e Ratches, particularly powerful in close combat, or the stool, on the other hand, specialized in agility and long-distance combat through their poisonous spit. The chaos created during the matches promises to offer hours and hours of crazy entertainment for all lovers of horror and splatter.

Human side, Back 4 Blood includes eight playable characters who make up the Exterminator squad, ready to shed the blood of the Haunted. These are Holly, Walker, Doc, Karlee, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo and Ma ‘. Each Exterminator has specific advantages and a secondary weapon to complement his unique personality, and will have to face hordes of Infested of various kinds during the fighting: the tall and deformed haunted called Moles, the enormous Colossi, the repulsive Maleont or the deadly Spiked .

We remind you that Back 4 Blood is currently available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.