Suzuki Jimny 5 doors coming but not in Europe

La nuova Suzuki Jimny a 5 porte è in arrivo thumbnail

Speculations on the Suzuki Jimny a 5 porte, which should soon arrive in the Indian market have been around for some time now. It is no coincidence that the Jimny has been spotted several times during tests on Indian roads and has even been presented all’Auto Expo 2020 come Jimny Sierra. A new leaked document has revealed the vehicle dimensions and engine specs of the 5-door Jimny which, however, barring sensational twists and turns (an electric motor?) Will never be exported to Europe due to strict emissions regulations. Co2. In fact, the 3-door model last year left the Japanese manufacturer’s list because of these characteristics that are too little “green” for the Old Continent. The Jimny Pro arrived in Italy only in April, but it is N1 truck homologated and remains with the three classic doors.

Suzuki Jimny 5 doors, features for the Indian market

The new 5-door Suzuki Jimny will be 3,850 mm long, 1,645 mm wide and 1,730 mm high. It will get a 2,550mm wheelbase. These specifications, if confirmed, will make the 5-door Jimny 300mm longer than the models currently on sale and it also has a longer wheelbase. The Jimny 3-door model sold globally has a length of 3,550mm and a wheelbase of 2,250mm. Staying true to its nature as an SUV, the Jimny it will sport a ground clearance of 210mm and will have 195/80 R15 tires. It will also have a 3-link rigid axle suspension with coil springs and a 4 × 4 drive system.

suzuki jimny 5 port

The document leaked online, also includes the specifications of the engine that will power the Jimny and that the “responsible” for the non-arrival in Europe, and consequently in Italy. The Jimny will come with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder K15B petrol engine that has already been used in other vehicles of the company, although this version is expected to offer less power and torque. In numbers produces a peak power of 100.6 hp and generates 130 Nm of torque. The vehicle will likely be offered with the choice between a manual gearbox a 5-speed or 4-speed automatic.

As always, for everything reported, official status is expected, and hoping that Suzuki will deny all the rumors and also present itself in Europe with a different engine, would certainly make happy the many “local” lovers of the small (and cheap) Japanese SUV.